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IFA Berlin Starts September 6th – Don’t Miss The Experience!
September 4, 2019 at 8:32 pm 0

It's that time of year when prominent international decision makers from the fields of consumer electronics, home appliances and related industries share their personal visions, all at this years IFA Berlin!

Get inspired by disruptive ideas by participating and visiting this years IFA, which also highlights new and exciting features within the domestic appliance industry. It's all about technology, fun, and innovation at IFA, from 06 – 11 September 2019. And, once again, the world's leading brands of consumer electronics and home appliances will present a record number of new products. Experience the future at this exciting event!

As many of you know, BJB is a world leader in providing light fixtures for ovens and other major appliances. Every appliance has it's own characteristics, and BJB makes them easy to see. From Cooker hoods, to ovens, to microwaves, appliance lighting is one of the many things that we excel at! And today's lighting is nothing like the past.

With the dramatic changes in domestic appliance lighting, we have always strived to stay ahead of the LED curve. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers all have their unique rendering. At BJB, we make it possible in terms of color rendering, performance and efficiency to significantly exceed anything that conventional lighting offers.


But the role of domestic appliances themselves has also changed. In the past, they were simply referred to as “white goods”. Now, large kitchen appliances and fittings have become a specific feature of our lifestyle. The kitchen is now a livingspace in many homes, with appliance as the predominant features within kitchens. When appliances are showcased in a contemporary fashion, they had value to the entire home experience. And it's modern LED lighting, and the fixtures that BJB engineers that make this experience come to life.


In large domestic and kitchen appliances, good light represents a new dimension in the perception of quality. For designers, developers and manufacturers it is therefore becoming a new distinguishing feature and "visible" evidence of innovative thinking.

BJB makes quality visible! With this approach and our decades of experience with lighting technology and domestic appliance lighting, we cover all stages of product development with our own resources - from the idea through to series production.


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BJB Automation Builds Customized LED Board Placement Machine for Delviro
August 9, 2019 at 1:57 am 0

As you know, BJB is a technology company in addition to being a lighting organization. BJB Automation dates back to the mid-1990's, when we created a tool for the automatic wiring of standard components (ADS). Since then, we have continued to develop innovative concepts and systems for industrial automation. Our customers benefit from solutions which improve the efficiency, speed, and quality of production processes.

BJB Automaton - Setting up the Machine at Delviro

Earlier this Spring, BJB delivered the Customized LED Board Placement Machine to Delviro. On Monday, June 3rd, our engineering team from Germany unpacked the machine and spent a week setting up the machine and programming it.

Unpacking the Robot On-site

Once assembled, BJB began to train three of Delviro's employees on operating the product. The trained employees will be the subject matter experts on-site, responsible for training other employees.

Comprehensive Training On-site

The most important elements to learn are how to operate the machine safely and to programming tasks to automatically place LED boards into their fixtures. 

Training on-site

As Joe Laufer, President of BJB USA stated, "BJB is appreciative of our partnership with Delviro Energy, one of the fastest-growing and vertically integrated lighting manufacturers in North America. As part of Delviro's continued efforts to optimize quality and operational efficiencies, we think that BJB's ADS automation systems are a great fit to help continue this trajectory. The training went exceptionally well and BJB is confident that the Delviro employees are comfortable with their knowledge of all aspects of the robot."

We expect complete satisfaction and will support them beyond this install and any future projects.  It is a good start to a BJB/Delviro partnership.  For more information on BJB Production Automation, please contact us here: BJB AUTOMATION.

LED-BRIDGING: Innovative Connection Technology for Interchangeable LED Systems
April 25, 2019 at 2:38 am 0

BJB is Technology for light, and it all started well over a century ago! Here's why we are bridging the future. We began in 1867 in Arnsberg, Germany with the production of components for oil lamps.

It started with oil lamps

Logically, when the incandescent lamp established itself as the universal light source, we provided the electrical connection between the power source and the lamp. Today, we also develop and produce innovative, user-friendly lampholder and connector systems for LEDs, the light of the future. We call our products “Your connection to light”. But they are also your connection to the future – we will always retain our enthusiasm for new ideas.

Oil Lamps to LED - BJB is Technology for Light

LED - the light that adjusts to any atmosphere

Creative freedom indoors and outdoors LED is a quick-change artist. The light can look cool or warm and appear white or coloured. On the roads, it can show directions and warn of dangers. Bright enough for nothing to be missed. Discreet enough for no-one to be dazzled or distracted. As simple general lighting indoors, LED can ensure that space, objects and people are correctly and evenly illuminated. Or an individual lighting design can be used to create focal points. And outdoors, of course, LED can present places of interest in an even more interesting light, with small lamps producing impressive lighting effects in public places.

Standards for Individual Solutions

Because LED technology is developing at virtually the “speed of light” and more and more manufacturers are working with it, standards are necessary to enable the numerous advantages of modular design to be exploited. For this reason, an international group from the lighting industry has founded Zhaga (LED Light Engine Standardization).

The aim of Zhaga is to promote quality and speed of innovation in LED lighting technology and to create the right conditions for the interchangeability of components. With this objective in mind, the consortium is defining the interfaces for many application-specific modules. Zhaga standards define the physical dimensions as well as the photometric, electrical and thermal behaviour of the individual elements, no more, no less. This prevents fragmentation of the market as a result of incompatible products and creates a secure future for both producers and consumers.

The Zhaga group includes companies from the entire LED lighting industry, providers of LED modules and luminaires, as well as suppliers of components such as interfaces and lampholders, heat sinks and optics.


BJB is a leader in Urban & Vertical Farming, creating unique LED lighting systems to provide ideal growing conditions regardless of the weather outside.

BJB – Technology for Light
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Lighting Systems for Urban and Vertical Farming
April 7, 2019 at 1:56 pm 0

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. In 2050, two-thirds of all people will live in conurbations. Traditional agriculture will not be able to cope with supplying the mega-cities with healthy food. 

One possible solution is urban farming – fruits and vegetables grown in the city in “farmscrapers”, i.e. high-rise greenhouses. Special LED lighting systems with a special color spectrum provide ideal growing conditions regardless of the weather outside.

LED modules with red-white light spectrum

Advances in LED technology were the decisive factor for the development of such “indoor farms”. The energy-efficient light-emitting diodes hardly lose any heat and can replace the sunlight which is indispensable for plant growth. For photosynthesis and therefore biomass production, plants only use certain components of the natural light spectrum - mainly red and blue. Compared with conventional lighting solutions for plant cultivation, LEDs increase energy efficiency considerably and can therefore promote the breakthrough of vegetable and fruit cultivation in large cities around the globe.

LED modules with full light spectrum


Innovations for light from BJB are the results of professional implementation of an idea from prototype to industrial mass production for the world market

BJB Today – Technology for Light
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BJB Creates Customized PCBs and Accessories
April 1, 2019 at 1:35 pm 0

Headline:  BJB  Creates Customized PCBs and Accessories

As a manufacturer of innovative components for the efficient, low-cost production of LED luminaires, BJB has established itself as a specialist for customer-specific solutions, demonstrated by the range of miniature, easy-to-use components in its portfolio.

Examples include:

  • Their mains connection terminal block, with a height of only 11mm, is perfectly suited to the new generation of flat electronic control gear
  • Their Discus circular LED modules (diameters 224 mm and 300 mm) are ideal for circular ceiling and wall luminaires

Displaying its historic impact on lighting, BJB delivers it’s experience to the field of intelligent connection technology as well as its expertise in automated luminaire production for the development of customer-specific LED modules and components.

In the fast moving field of LED Technology, BJB is on the cutting edge focusing its attention on the challenges the industry faces and how to translate this evolution into custom-made solutions.

The Keys:

  • Flexibility in individual luminaire design
  • The rapid implementation through to the marketability stage

The BJB Difference?

  • LED modules with linear, square, or circular designs with dimensions of up to 650 mmx 400 mm can be created, geared to the customer requirements or specific lighting applications

The spectrum of services BJB provides ranges from consultation, layout design and prototype development through to series production and approvals.

A Screwless Perfection That Works

The concept of the ‘Push-to-Fix’ element (P2F) does not only provide technical advantages over the screw, it is also quick and easier to use. The industry-wide positive feedback has pushed BJB to exhibit further versions at Light+Building.

The substantial benefits to the user are:

  • Elimination of the need for thread-cutting
  • The avoidance of shadow formation due to their considerably lower elevation above the circuit board compared to the screw head

A Proven Alternative

The P2F has proved to be a successful alternative to the traditional screw for fixing LED modules from the BJB | OEM-Line or from other manufacturers. Consisting of a metal spring and an elastic silicone ring, it provides the connection between the surfaces of the PCB and luminaire housing, with no bending. This ensures excellent heat dissipation – and important and decisive factor in determining the service life of LED luminaires.

The fixing element P2F Screw&Profile Groove has been developed specifically for fixing modules to aluminum profiles with screw grooves. Unlike traditional screws, the P2F element, which can be installed quickly and securely with the aid of a manual setting device, provides permanent, defined contact pressure.

The P2F element for blind holes represents an alternative to M3 screws as well, especially advantageous for fixing of low, mid-, or high-power LED modules to heat sinks with blind drill holes or thick aluminum profiles with blind holes. The P2F is installed effortlessly, without the worry of damage to the PCB due to screw tilting or excessive torque.

Additionally, the P2F SMD solderable is suitable fixing low-and mid-power LED boards to mounting plates. The fixing elements are fitted during the SMD process, soldered onto the PCBs while passing through the reflow oven, and thereby pre-attached. During the final installation, the pre-attached P2Fs are brought into their final positions by pressing down the spring clips. This can be performed manually or automatically.

NOTE: The portion of the P2F SMD solderable above the PCB is considerably lower than a screw head, thereby preventing shadow formation.

Innovation At Its Best

BJB’s P2F SMD solderable, P2F for blind holes and P2F Screw&Profile Groove represents the continued evolution and development to the innovative P2F product series. Specifically designed to meet the requirements for efficient series production of LED luminaires, BJB adds its historic knowledge base and technology to deliver the highest value to the industry…by providing P2F fixing elements as an ideal addition to the BJB | OEM-Line modular system.


Technical progress is not possible without innovation. And innovation for light has been the basis of our work since 1867!

BJB Is Technology For Light

Innovations at BJB are the result of a structured process with which we develop products, solutions and services for lighting and illumination technology, the domestic appliance industry and industrial automation technology.

BJB is Technology for Light

Light for Cooker Hoods, Ovens, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, and Dishwashers. BJB is the Leader in Domestic Appliance Lighting.

BJB is Technology for Light