March 2019

Technical progress is not possible without innovation. And innovation for light has been the basis of our work since 1867!

BJB Is Technology For Light
Welcome to BJBToday…Your Resource for the Future of Light Technology!
BJB Corporate
Welcome to BJBToday…Your Resource for the Future of Light Technology!
March 27, 2019 at 2:30 am 0
Hello there, and welcome to the inaugural post of BJB Today, your resource highlighting innovative technical solutions from BJB. Our job is to help our clients implement individual luminaire custom designs with pin point efficiency. As a family owned business that's been around since 1867, we know what it takes to evolve as technology continues to manifest itself at lightening speed. From components, to optics, to automation, the our past has well prepared us for the future, and BJB is here to light the way.
Our culture begins with open thinking and a structured approach, which are essential elements on which our innovation processes for lighting and illumination technology are based.
We realize tradition is good, but looking ahead to the future is better. And we've been influencing lighting development for over 150 years...and we aren't stopping anytime soon. Technology for light is our motto, and as LED takes the lead during our latest technological industry-wide revolution, BJB is on the the razors edge in delivering new concepts and designs using LED sources. That's why our LED modules and modular accessory system from BJB enable OEMs to produce individual solutions from electrical, mechanical and optical components. Join us as we continue our 150 year journey....BJB is 'Technology for Light".    

Innovations at BJB are the result of a structured process with which we develop products, solutions and services for lighting and illumination technology, the domestic appliance industry and industrial automation technology.

BJB is Technology for Light
LED Board Connectors, Lighting Components
Ground Breaking Linear Flat System With Industry Leading Technology From BJB – OEM-Line
March 23, 2019 at 7:27 pm 0
Over the last two years, The Linear Flat System has been a huge success for BJB, utilizing a combination with standard-three phase power tracks. Logistical and simultaneously stylish, it is only 45 mm high. This revolutionary LED system from BJB’s OEM-Line has the feel of a design element, as the characteristics of the lighting shine elegantly. The pre-requisites for the flat design are:
  • The miniaturized control gear with an overall height of only 11 mm
  • The track integration
  • The Linear Flat System lampholder, which is designed to fit the power track adapter

A Slender Appearance

The direct method of installation, with no additional luminaire housing, also gives the system a slender and appealing appearance. This innovative, elegantly designed solution provides a significant lighting advantage to any shop, office or hospital. Due to its flexibility and the fact that it is highly economical, the combination of powertrack and Linear Flat System works extremely well in any industrial setting. Sophistication Adds Diversity to BJB | OEM-Line Portfolio This sophisticated is the perfect addition to the BJB | OEM-Line portfolio. Like the second generation of the Linear Flat System, it opens up further areas of application, as there are now optical elements available with function-specific light distribution. Because of this, as well as the combination of excellent color rendering of CRI > 80, it provides the ideal pre-requisite for application-specific solutions. Linear Flat System is suitable for:
  • General Lighting Applications
  • Accent Lighting
  • Wallwashing & Shelf Lighting
Additionally, all lighting tasks in offices, hospitals, industrial facilities, as well as shops and supermarkets are highly efficient.

Flexibility and Sustainability Matters

With clear lines, excellent lighting parameters, and its extremely compact design, the second generation of Linear Flat System has a muddle efficiency that’s increased by 10% (up to 142 IM/W). This classical design consists of:
  • LED light source
  • Lampholder
  • Lamp Support
The flexibility and sustainability is paramount. Using the BJB philosophy of ‘late-state finishing’, luminaire series can be produced in the same way as before, with the ‘lamp’ integrated later.

Fitted to Customer Specification

Once the order has been placed, the suitable LED light source is fitted to customer-specific requirements in terms of luminous flux and color temperature, with an overall height of only 13 mm. All luminaire’s are provided with the latest lighting parameters, which aligns with the ever-changing and fast-moving world of LED technology. If there is a change in the use of the rooms or premises, the LED light source can be replaced by a new, brighter generation and it can evolve into a different color temperature. Tool-free installation ensures convenient handling of the Linear Flat System

Multiple Applications & Different Sizes

Fully encapsulated, the 565 mm, 1,166 mm and 1,466 mm-long Linear Flat System offers not only excellent thermal management but a wide range of unique applications. The LED light source is only 37 mm wide and has color temperatures of 3,000 K and 4,000 K and achieves a luminous flux varying between 1,160 lm and 5,000 lm. The Linear Flat System is a highly economical and intelligent solution with uniform, coherent design that provides sustainability and flexibility for any lighting solution, particularly in an industrial or retail facility. Want Product Information on Ordering? Click This Link!

Light for Cooker Hoods, Ovens, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, and Dishwashers. BJB is the Leader in Domestic Appliance Lighting.

BJB is Technology for Light
Fixing Elements/Fasteners, LED Board Connectors
BJB’s Innovative Reflowable Fixing Element for LED Boards (SMD P2F) Highlights LED Innovation
March 20, 2019 at 7:48 pm 0
BJB’s SMD P2F fixing element for LED printed circuit boards was the industry’s first reflowable mechanical fixation device. Suitable for low- and mid-power LED boards in linear and panel type luminaries, BJB continued its successful evolution into innovative solutions for LED lighting.

A Unique Pre-Attachment Makes The Difference

The unique aspect of this product is the pre-attachment of the SMD P2F to the LED PCB. It is adhered to the LED board during the pick-and-place and reflow assembly process. Additionally, during final assembly of the luminaire, the LED board is ready for ‘easy to use’ snap-in attachment and can be securely fixed by simply clicking it into the fixture housing.

Simplicity Eliminates Error-Prone Screw Assembly

This revolutionary process eliminates error-prone screw assembly for lighting manufacturers. The simplicity of the installation is what makes the SMD P2F fixing element so unique, where as installation can be performed by hand, with a manual tool, or automatically using BJB automation system. Contact BJB for samples and product information.

BjB automated solutions help with the efficient production of luminaries, and are essential elements in an integrated manufacturing facility.

BJB is Technology for Light
A Message from Joe Laufer, President of the U.S. Division of BJB
March 17, 2019 at 8:00 pm 0
I wanted to clearly articulate the strategic vision of what our domestic team is focused on, particularly to those that have yet to experience to innovation and capabilities of our historic organization. Our mission is to curate, distribute and deliver clearly BJB messaging across multiple digital platforms, making life easier for BJB customers and our partners in understanding how BJB delivers innovative lighting technology solutions across the globe. We hope BJBToday.com will provide that. Our vision continues to leverage the partnership between the US Market and BJB Corporate, aligning a comprehensive digital strategy that aligns with our unparalleled heritage, pushing out a concise message syncing up to all BJB global subsidiaries with the below focus:
  • Connect Messaging Seamlessly
  • Simplify Internal Processes
  • Expand Existing Partnerships
  • Identify Non-Traditional Strategies & Relationships
  • Curate and Distribute Content Across All BJB Global Subsidiaries
In conclusion, the North American unit will work closely with BJB HQ to initiate and execute a clear digital strategy, distributing relevant content across multiple social media channels to enhance BJB corporates mission in driving revenues, across all BJB subsidiaries. By simplifying processes and delivering messaging that aligns with our corporate long-term vision, the North American Division will help elevate BJB’s macro-strategy to align with an ever-changing digital landscape, ultimately driving revenues. Thank you for supporting BJB. We look forward to serving our customers better!