July 2019

BJB Automation
BJB Automation – Linear Luminaire Assembly
July 31, 2019 at 1:43 pm 0

At BJB, we develop every product from the ground up. Step by step from the idea to the series. This includes prototypes for the presentation and testing of design and function.These prototypes can be pure conceptual models, geometry studies or prototype prototypes with all the technical properties of an end product. 

After the idea comes the prototype

Nothing happens without our team of engineers focused on custom solutions for our clients. BJB is leading the way with automation, delivering highly efficient and cost effective solutions within the industry, and that includes our state-of-the-art Linear Luminaire Assembly. 

The hard test of practicality

As the video shows, our automated solutions deliver unmatched speed and efficiency. But it doesn't happen without practical tests to assure quality control and perfection. 

Contact BJB for Automated Solutions

BJB is ready to build and test customized solutions for our clients. Visit BJB.com today and make sure you contact us to help drive economies of scale for your company. 

Events & Trade Shows
BJB Participating in LEDforum 2019 in Brazil this August
July 29, 2019 at 1:25 pm 0

BJB is excited to be participating in LEDforum 2019 being held in Sao Paulo, Brazil as a Gold Sponsor, on August 15th and 16th. The LEDforum 2019 is recognized around the world for bringing together the most premiere innovators and brands from the world of lighting.

Highlights include expert speakers as well as international lighting and technology companies featuring new innovations and next generation products. As noted on LEDforums 2019 website:

The event brings together an audience of lighting designers, architects, product designers, city planners, landscape designers, academic, developers, and lighting solution providers from various regions of Brazil and Latin Americal

BJB's specific focus is helping our clients create luminaires as easily and efficiently as possible. Our mission is providing 'Technology for Light' or more specifically the technology and efficient solutions for our clients lighting needs, focusing on components, optics, and automation.

A Sneak Peak at the Event

The Brands Participating

About BJB.com:

BJB has been making technology for light since 1867. From accessory components for petroleum lamps, to a the dawning of a new age with electricity, BJB developed the 'Bridge to Light' worldwide for fluorescent, halogen and various forms of discharge lamps. And now we are taking the lead through the technological revolution of LED, through engineered technology and unparalleled automation.

For more information on how BJB can help your operation, please visit our website at BJB. We looking froward to seeing you at the 10th annual LEDforum in Brazil on August 15th!

For more information on this specific event, please contact them at:

Publisher Lumière Ltda. 
Catalonia Street, 350 - 1st floor 
05329-030 - Sao Paulo - SP 
+55 11 3062-2622 
# ledforum10

Fixing Elements/Fasteners, LED Board Connectors, Lighting Components
WATCH IT NOW! An Industry Leading Alternative to Screws – BJB’s SMD P2F
July 26, 2019 at 4:35 am 0

Let's just say, this video says it all! Take a look at our innovative alternative to screw fixation of LED Boards.

The Key Features

  • Comes in tape and reel packaging
  • Pre-attachment of the P2F SMD to the LED PCB during the pick and place and reflow process
  • LED PCB is ready for snap in attachment into the fixture either manually or automatically with BJB automation systems
  • Save more than 50% of assembly set-up, saving you time and money

Want More Information? Visit BJB and our P2F (Push-to-Fix) product guide!

BJB Automation, Lampholders, LED Board Connectors, Lighting Components, SMD Terminal Blocks
BJB’s LED Connectors Bridges 150 Years of History Into the 21st Century
July 23, 2019 at 8:48 pm 0

Not your grandfather's lighting technology company anymore, BJB is leading the industry as it transforms into a leader within the LED lighting industry. Employing 150 years of experience and technology, BJB holds an advantage as it deploys LED connectors and LED lampholders worldwide.

What is BJB's Advantage? Experience Alongside Technology

You can't discount BJB's historic experience as a manufacture of lampholders and the worldwide partnerships they've established as they head towards two centuries of unmatched scale and reach. Their history guides their future, as they focus on horticulture lighting, robotics and automation, LED COB holders, and easy-to-use fixing elements, such as their SMD P2F (push-to-fix).

Their strong customer base consisting of large international lighting manufacturers has been the foundation of their growth. And since 2007, as the lighting market shifted from fluorescent lamps to LED, BJB has focused on LED connectors and developing solutions that improve luminarie.

BJB's deep penetration in the conventional lighting industry, as well as its tremendous market share within the appliance lighting industry, has provided a tremendous advantage in providing services to LED clients from a lighting industry perspective.

LED COB Holders Provide Essential Functions

For more than 10 years now, COB connectors and holders from BJB have catered for a wide range of possibilities. In a spot or downlight application, the connector is the central component. It performs essential functions for the COB, providing the heat sink attachment, power feed and reflector interface.

The range currently consists of several product series which are compatible with over 80 % of all COBs available on the world market. The corresponding optics, reflectors and cover plates complete the range.


- Permanent contact pressure
- Quick installation
- Various wire routing possibilities (47.360)
- Suitable for 80% of all COBs
- Pre-assembly fixing of COB
- Very flat (47.360 / 47.371)
- Integrated optic and reflector interface
- Suitable for fixing with P2F 28.902 (47.319 / 47.360)
- The most comprehensive range worldwide

CLICK HERE to visit BJB's website for Product Overview or SEARCH HERE for LED Connectors and Holders via COBs or LED Types

Ease of Use & Standardized Technological Advances

BJB LED connectors are highlighted by their ease of use, which uses screw fixing and standard push wire technology that makes soldering obsolete. The LED connectors and LED lampholders featured by BJB offer enhanced flexibility, economies of scale, standardized reflector interfaces, and are future-proofed, hence the luminaire manufacture benefits from reduced assembly and system cost (labor fees).

BJB Automation is at the Forefront of Our Business

Yes, 150+ years of historic influence within an evolving industry has differentiates us from others. But it's our commitment to automation and technology that allows us to lead. At BJB, we continue to offer robots to wire luminaires automatically, designing our components in a way that they can be processed fully in an automated and efficient manner. This extends to our LED components as well as COB connectors, SMD terminal blocks, and LED lampholders. The future of BJB is now! Join us and visit our website to learn more at BJB.com