March 2020

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Carter Hoffmann’s New TenderChef Line Uses BJB’s LED Light for Appliances
March 25, 2020 at 10:05 pm 0

With the evolution of LED having a drastic impact on domestic appliance lighting, BJB continues to be at the forefront of of the industry. We are thrilled that Carter Hoffmann is using our LED light for appliances in their newest product within their TenderChef line, specifically for their unit that provides dry aging solutions for chefs (see video below).

BJB was selected for this unit for a number of reasons:

  • Our LED lighting provides power savings
  • The BJB LED does not give off any heat so partners can control the temperature without factoring in the heat from a traditional light source
  • We provided a compact design with good light output
  • The color temperature matched what they required for their display cabinet
  • BJB provides a proven track record of durability and innovation
  • Less maintenance as top chefs around the country do not need to change the light bulb every 1000 hours
Tenderchef - Dry Aging Solutions for Chefs

BJB's expertise in providing lighting in the domestic appliance industry not only serves households, but now through Tenderchef, we will be in actively a part of the commercial industry.

In the home, kitchens today are more than just a workspace...they are a living space. And BJB provides the solutions for cooking zones, ovens, cooker hoods and other large kitchen appliances, with modern LED lighting through a contemporary fashion.

For information on the specific product Tenderchef is using, visit our website at BJB.com: Product 77.101.2002 by clicking HERE!

Where Vertical Farming is Headed & Why BJB is Leading the Way
March 12, 2020 at 5:30 pm 0

BJB plays a vital role in the future of vertical farming, which is the practice of producing food on vertically inclined surfaces, helping communities become self-sufficient.

By 2050, the world's population is expected to grow by another 2 billion people, and feeding it will be a huge challenge. With commercial development and industrial development, we continue to lose land for cultivating farming. With the increased food demand, growing population, and reduction in arable lands, many experts believe that vertical farming can be the anser.

How Does Vertical Farming Work?

Instead of producing food in a field or a greenhouse, vertical farming produces foods in vertically stacked layers commonly integrated into other structures, like a skyscraper, a shipping container, or repurposed warehouse.

Using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology, the revolutionary system uses indoor farming techniques. The artificial control of temperature, light, humidity, and gases make producing foods and medicine indoor possible. Additionally, vertical farming is similar to greenhouses where metal reflectors and artificial lighting (that's where BJB comes in) to augment natural sunlight. The primary mission of vertical farming is maximizing crops output in a limited space.

How BJB Plays a Vital Role in Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming has four vital areas:

  • Lighting (BJB)
  • Physical layout
  • Growing medium
  • Sustainability features

To be clear, the most important goal of vertical farming is producing more foods per square meter. The process is to have crops produced in 'stacked layers' in a tower structure. The most critical element is the technical combination of natural and artificial lights to maintain the perfect light level in the room. Some vertical farming techniques include rotating beds, in order to improve lighting efficiency.

Lighting is such an instrumental factor, and BJB is positioned favorably long-term. Here's a brief video of our product:

Advances in LED technology, of which BJB is a leader, has been a decisive factor for the development of such 'indoor farms'. The energy-efficient light-emitting diodes hardly lose any heat and can replace the sunlight which isindispensable for plant growth.  For photosynthesis and therefore biomass production, plants only use certain components of the natural light spectrum - mainly red and blue. Compared with conventional lighting solutions for plant cultivation, LEDs increase energy efficiency considerably and can therefore promote the breakthrough of vegetable and fruit cultivation in large cities around the globe.

Perfect Light for Every Type of Plant

BJB LED boards can be individually adjusted to your plants according to the required wavelength or customer specification, thus laying the basis for optimum plant growth.

Simple to Use

The BJB LED modules are attached quite simply by means of appropriate support elements with clip fasteners. They can be removed without tools. Electrical contact is via a plug socket.

Very Thin, Leaving More Room for Plants

Thanks to their low installation height of 18 mm and a width of 35 mm, the LED modules are very flat and space-saving. As a result, depending on the system in use, 1-2 additional shelves can be installed, thereby providing more room for plants. Standard modules have a length of approx. 1.20 m.

Protection class IP66 - of course

Our LED modules meet the requirements of protection class IP66 and are therefore adequately protected against strong jets of water. This enables us to achieve optimum performance and service life even under difficult conditions.

Finally, instead of soil, vertical farmers use hydroponic growing mediums. Unique elements such as peat moss or coconut husks and similar non-soil mediums are very common in vertical farming. And vertical farming uses various sustainability features to offset the energy cost of farming. To most people's surprise, vertical farming uses 95 percent less water than traditional farming.

As the world faces new and unprecedented hurdles, BJB is impacting how we address new an innovative ways to become self-sufficient communities. Vertical Farming is on a long-term trajectory of growth, and BJB and our LED modules will lead the way.

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BJB’s Launches Our New Reflector Ø ‘D110’ That Comes With Four Beam Angles
March 2, 2020 at 9:27 pm 0

BJB Electric continues to roll-out innovative new products within all segments of our business. We recently rolled out our new BJB Reflector 0 110 mm, with 4 beam angles: 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and 60 degrees.

The new reflector comes with the following accessories:

  • 2 cover plates: clear & diffuse
  • Dust-proof, insect protection, touch protection
  • Mixed lens in planning for latching at the lower edge of the reflector

Other unique qualities include:

  • For COBs with LES < 17mm
  • For BJB connectors of families 47.319 & 47.360 with a diameter of 50mm

COB connectors and reflectors from BJB Electric offer easy and durable installation of chip-on-board (COB) LED modules. Designed for a wide range of COB modules, the high-strength components feature push wire technology, blue-light-resistant plastics, and corrosion- and wear-resistant contact materials. Wire entry on one or both sides of the connectors, embedded contacts with silver-plated contact points, and pre-assembly fixing springs facilitate automated assembly processes. BJB Electric's extensive range of reflector and optics accessories enable luminaire manufacturers to quickly and easily assemble finished modules for spot and downlights.

BJB is a world renowned German manufacturer and lighting technology solution provider offering a comprehensive range of products & services: LED modules, COB holders, optical components, PCB fixing elements, SMD connectors, testing and automation solutions. BJB has been a leader in the lighting industry since 1867 and now pioneers innovative solutions for solid-state lighting technology