November 2020

BJB – Technology for Light, Lighting Components, Reflectors
BJB’s new 50mm reflectors: narrow, medium and flood-wide for various applications – See the video
November 13, 2020 at 6:10 pm 0

As we highlighted a few weeks back, BJB's reflector family as a few new members. The reflector covers and newly designed mixing-lens add additional light control and protection!

Watch the Video:

For more information on BJB 50mm Reflector - 35.835, visit BJB.com!

The Features at a Glance

  • New modular system for shop, retail, accent lighting
  • Diameter of the reflectors: 50mm (featured above) — also available in 110 mm
  • Accessories modular system: diffusor lens, cover or diffuser plate
  • Visually disturbing openings on the connector are eliminated
  • Light distributions: spot, medium, flood, wide flood
  • Additional reflector series and connectors at bjb.com


Founded in 1867 by Friedrich Wilhelm Brokelmann, Franz Jager and Gustav Busse, BJB has been associated with lighting technology for more than 150 years. Initially the business began by manufacturing components for oil lamps. Since the beginning of the 20th century, BJB has been providing the electrical connection between the power source and the lamp. Equipped with this knowledge, the company continuously developed user-friendly lampholder systems, terminal blocks and switches up to the present day for markets throughout the world.

In other words: BJB provides a “Connection to Light”. The process that these “connections” are installed and the progress which can be achieved in light fitting assembly is the objective of a further area of operation: ADS automation. Here we develop, build and supply customer-specific systems for the automation of light fitting production. A third important element is our lighting solutions for domestic appliances, as a dominant player in the industry. Visit us at BjB.com! We are “Technology for Light”.

BJB – Technology for Light, Smart Lighting
Intelligent Street Lighting Systems are the Future & BJB is Ready!
November 4, 2020 at 9:14 pm 0

An important element of metropolitan infrastructure, street lighting technology continues to evolve and BJB is ready for this revolution. The overwhelming number of street lights that necessitate full coverage of traditional roads deserves a comprehensive system for economical and efficient lighting solutions.

With that in mind, implementing intelligent lighting controls and energy efficient systems that in turn facilitate light fixtures to operate autonomously by using complex algorithms that make deliver predictive results across the lighting spectrum. These include:

  • Photocontrols and motion detectors
  • Calendar Algorithms based on the Astrological Calendar
  • A CMS (Control Management System)

The lighting industry continues to go through a radical transformation driven by advances in solid state lighting based on LED technology. LED's have brought precipitous durability to street lighting systems along with tremendous efficiencies, as well as decreased maintenance costs that come with LED Street Lighting.

Additionally, LEDs can be effortlessly controlled by electronic logic circuits that afford a wide range of interactive capabilities that bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.

Intelligent light systems allow a number of the following:

  • Sophisticated user interactivity and advanced dimming & scheduling functions
  • Form a self-adaptive network that changes to road conditions
  • Can operate in different modes, depending on traffic and/or environmental conditions
  • On-demand lighting can be enabled by a sensor module to interact with human engagement (pedestrians, cyclists, cars)

BJB plays a vital role in smart LED Street lighting as well as smart exterior lighting, a topic we covered here at BJBToday back in August. We highlighted that:

Smart lighting is based on intelligent sensors or communication modules and data analysis. In order for the interaction between sensor or communication module and luminaire to work, you need the proper connection technology that connects the luminaire and sensor or communication module. BJB's Connecting Socket brings this to life.

August 13th, 2020 - How BJB is Impacting the Lighting Revolution

The BJB Connecting Socket: Zhaga Receptacle

Our electromechanical interface of the 47.121 series offers a practical solution for the connection between the LED outdoor light and the sensor/communication module. This standardized interface (Zhaga Book 18), is compatible with numerous sensors and communications modules from different manufacturers.

The BJB receptacles are equally suitable for wall and panel lights. They can be used to place sensors on the top (1), bottom (2) or side (3) of the lamp, depending on the desired function of the sensor. Depending on the application, the correct alignment of the sensor module with respect to the environment is required for proper function

The BJB Lighting Solution for the Public Sector

With BJB's connection socket system for outdoor luminaires, BJB delivers an unparalleled system that allows you to execute a Smart City solution on any outdoor luminaire quickly and easily.

This interface has been developed especially for LED light sources and drivers in outdoor light fixtures. The pinnacle of this solution is the development of an IP-compliant receptacle with a sealing cap.

The unit provides a complete electrical interface between the receptacle and the respective sensor modules. When used in conjunction with sensor-compatible certified drivers (e.g. Philips), the receptacle assembly is suitable for a plug-in sensor module with a twistlock system.

For communication and data transmission, the module is provided with DC power and DALI 2 or a 2-wire bus. The fourth connection is reserved as a digital IO port. The compact design with an improved seal facilitates the installation of the sensor module on roadway, street and surface area lights upwards, sideways, or downwards.

The marriage of LED lighting and advanced lighting controls within urban areas is just getting started. BJB is well positioned to assist in accelerating municipalities and communities in adapting these technologies. Reach out to us to assist in this exciting revolution!

About BJB: 

BJB has been associated with lighting technology for more than 150 years, initially by manufacturing components for oil lamps and then, since the beginning of the 20th century, by providing the electrical connection between the power source and the lamp. We have a longstanding reputation for quality and German engineering. Evolving through precision automation, we now pioneer groundbreaking LED technologies. BJB manufactures LED components, optics and automation systems to solve problems and create lasting value for lighting and appliance OEMs worldwide. In other words: We provide a “Technology for Light”