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BJB has been making technology for light since 1867. At that time, though, it was not really light in the current sense of the word. It was produced by burning petroleum gas. Although the petroleum lamp had already been well-known for some time in the form of oil lamps, it only became more widespread with the invention of the gas cylinder and the round wick. Even then, the technical details of such a light fixture were quite complicated. The best ones achieved the same level of brightness as a 50 watt incandescent lamp. BJB produced the necessary accessories, notably the “Kosmos” and “round wick burner”.
LED TAKES THE LEAD! With the new millennium came signs of another technological revolution, the LED. Due to their structural forms and relatively low thermal output, completely new concepts and designs in general lighting are possible using LED light sources. Once again, the markets had to rethink their position, and the same was true for BJB. Technological solutions were developed for the electrical connection, installation and fixing of LED boards and COB modules. LED modules and modular accessory systems from BJB enable OEMs to produce individual solutions from electrical, mechanical and optical components.
In 1983 BJB started developing and producing lighting solutions for domestic appliances. The key area of interest was ovens, which operate under extreme ambient conditions and place high demands on the lighting quality in the oven chamber. BJB’s material and technical expertise really came into its own here. The range was soon extended to include other large kitchen appliances. Predominantly LED-based lighting solutions are now available for
• Microwaves
• Refrigerators
• Cooker Hoods
• Washing Machines, Dryers and Dishwashers


What We Do

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