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Carter Hoffmann’s New TenderChef Line Uses BJB’s LED Light for Appliances
March 25, 2020 at 10:05 pm 0

With the evolution of LED having a drastic impact on domestic appliance lighting, BJB continues to be at the forefront of of the industry. We are thrilled that Carter Hoffmann is using our LED light for appliances in their newest product within their TenderChef line, specifically for their unit that provides dry aging solutions for chefs (see video below).

BJB was selected for this unit for a number of reasons:

  • Our LED lighting provides power savings
  • The BJB LED does not give off any heat so partners can control the temperature without factoring in the heat from a traditional light source
  • We provided a compact design with good light output
  • The color temperature matched what they required for their display cabinet
  • BJB provides a proven track record of durability and innovation
  • Less maintenance as top chefs around the country do not need to change the light bulb every 1000 hours
Tenderchef - Dry Aging Solutions for Chefs

BJB's expertise in providing lighting in the domestic appliance industry not only serves households, but now through Tenderchef, we will be in actively a part of the commercial industry.

In the home, kitchens today are more than just a workspace...they are a living space. And BJB provides the solutions for cooking zones, ovens, cooker hoods and other large kitchen appliances, with modern LED lighting through a contemporary fashion.

For information on the specific product Tenderchef is using, visit our website at BJB.com: Product 77.101.2002 by clicking HERE!

Where Vertical Farming is Headed & Why BJB is Leading the Way
March 12, 2020 at 5:30 pm 0

BJB plays a vital role in the future of vertical farming, which is the practice of producing food on vertically inclined surfaces, helping communities become self-sufficient.

By 2050, the world's population is expected to grow by another 2 billion people, and feeding it will be a huge challenge. With commercial development and industrial development, we continue to lose land for cultivating farming. With the increased food demand, growing population, and reduction in arable lands, many experts believe that vertical farming can be the anser.

How Does Vertical Farming Work?

Instead of producing food in a field or a greenhouse, vertical farming produces foods in vertically stacked layers commonly integrated into other structures, like a skyscraper, a shipping container, or repurposed warehouse.

Using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology, the revolutionary system uses indoor farming techniques. The artificial control of temperature, light, humidity, and gases make producing foods and medicine indoor possible. Additionally, vertical farming is similar to greenhouses where metal reflectors and artificial lighting (that's where BJB comes in) to augment natural sunlight. The primary mission of vertical farming is maximizing crops output in a limited space.

How BJB Plays a Vital Role in Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming has four vital areas:

  • Lighting (BJB)
  • Physical layout
  • Growing medium
  • Sustainability features

To be clear, the most important goal of vertical farming is producing more foods per square meter. The process is to have crops produced in 'stacked layers' in a tower structure. The most critical element is the technical combination of natural and artificial lights to maintain the perfect light level in the room. Some vertical farming techniques include rotating beds, in order to improve lighting efficiency.

Lighting is such an instrumental factor, and BJB is positioned favorably long-term. Here's a brief video of our product:

Advances in LED technology, of which BJB is a leader, has been a decisive factor for the development of such 'indoor farms'. The energy-efficient light-emitting diodes hardly lose any heat and can replace the sunlight which isindispensable for plant growth.  For photosynthesis and therefore biomass production, plants only use certain components of the natural light spectrum - mainly red and blue. Compared with conventional lighting solutions for plant cultivation, LEDs increase energy efficiency considerably and can therefore promote the breakthrough of vegetable and fruit cultivation in large cities around the globe.

Perfect Light for Every Type of Plant

BJB LED boards can be individually adjusted to your plants according to the required wavelength or customer specification, thus laying the basis for optimum plant growth.

Simple to Use

The BJB LED modules are attached quite simply by means of appropriate support elements with clip fasteners. They can be removed without tools. Electrical contact is via a plug socket.

Very Thin, Leaving More Room for Plants

Thanks to their low installation height of 18 mm and a width of 35 mm, the LED modules are very flat and space-saving. As a result, depending on the system in use, 1-2 additional shelves can be installed, thereby providing more room for plants. Standard modules have a length of approx. 1.20 m.

Protection class IP66 - of course

Our LED modules meet the requirements of protection class IP66 and are therefore adequately protected against strong jets of water. This enables us to achieve optimum performance and service life even under difficult conditions.

Finally, instead of soil, vertical farmers use hydroponic growing mediums. Unique elements such as peat moss or coconut husks and similar non-soil mediums are very common in vertical farming. And vertical farming uses various sustainability features to offset the energy cost of farming. To most people's surprise, vertical farming uses 95 percent less water than traditional farming.

As the world faces new and unprecedented hurdles, BJB is impacting how we address new an innovative ways to become self-sufficient communities. Vertical Farming is on a long-term trajectory of growth, and BJB and our LED modules will lead the way.

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BJB’s Launches Our New Reflector Ø ‘D110’ That Comes With Four Beam Angles
March 2, 2020 at 9:27 pm 0

BJB Electric continues to roll-out innovative new products within all segments of our business. We recently rolled out our new BJB Reflector 0 110 mm, with 4 beam angles: 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and 60 degrees.

The new reflector comes with the following accessories:

  • 2 cover plates: clear & diffuse
  • Dust-proof, insect protection, touch protection
  • Mixed lens in planning for latching at the lower edge of the reflector

Other unique qualities include:

  • For COBs with LES < 17mm
  • For BJB connectors of families 47.319 & 47.360 with a diameter of 50mm

COB connectors and reflectors from BJB Electric offer easy and durable installation of chip-on-board (COB) LED modules. Designed for a wide range of COB modules, the high-strength components feature push wire technology, blue-light-resistant plastics, and corrosion- and wear-resistant contact materials. Wire entry on one or both sides of the connectors, embedded contacts with silver-plated contact points, and pre-assembly fixing springs facilitate automated assembly processes. BJB Electric's extensive range of reflector and optics accessories enable luminaire manufacturers to quickly and easily assemble finished modules for spot and downlights.

BJB is a world renowned German manufacturer and lighting technology solution provider offering a comprehensive range of products & services: LED modules, COB holders, optical components, PCB fixing elements, SMD connectors, testing and automation solutions. BJB has been a leader in the lighting industry since 1867 and now pioneers innovative solutions for solid-state lighting technology

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Japanese Commercial Appliance Manufacturers Comet & Maruzen Entrust BJB LED Oven Lights
February 26, 2020 at 3:36 am 0

BJB continues to dominate lighting for home appliances. From light for extractor hoods, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, household appliances all over the world are illuminated by BJB. And two Japanese oven manufactures trust BJB in providing LED lights within their ovens.

Maruzen, a manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment based in Tokyo, Japan and Comet Kato Manufacturing, manufacturer of a variety of Japanese made commercial kitchen equipment products, including rice cookers, ovens, ranges, and fryers, both utlize and trust BJB LED oven lights.

Check out BJB's Hot Product Line for Ovens

Both Japanese companies are major commercial appliance manufacturers and have a high demand on quality and durability with their product lines. And they trust and utilize BJB LED oven lights for the following reasons:

  • Long lifetime (no changing of the light bulb)
  • Low cost of servicing the light source
  • Higher energy efficiency and better light in the oven cavity
LED oven door lamp 77.116.1001.36

Our LED oven door lamp is a popular choice and lights up ovens all around the world. Features include:

  • Easy installation by swivel-screw fixing
  • Symmetric light distribution for optimized illumination of the oven muffle
  • Frosted glass cover
  • Aluminium heat sink
  • Variable LED parameters (light colour, CR, tpye, power) possible on request
  • Possibility to upgrade to a higher energy efficiency
  • Protection class III by operating with SELV voltage
  • Warranty*: 5 years

For more information, please visit BJB.com and contact us. We are technology for light and appreciative of our Japanese partners that trust us!

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BJB Launches a New Family of Single Row Optics for Linear Lighting in Retail, Industry, Office and Commercial
February 20, 2020 at 2:38 am 0

BJB has developed a new range of single-row optics for flexible lighting design. Because offices, warehouses, production facilities and shopping centers all need flexible lighting systems that deliver maximum efficiency alongside the best possible lighting quality, light-guiding elements in combination with LED modules play a significant role in commerce and industry. And BJB recognizes this.

That's why our linear systems are equipped with various components to satisfy the complex and unique lighting requirements and light guiding elements in combination with LED modules play a significant role involved with daily retail and corporate commerce. BJB has developed two basic models each with five different beam dispersion characteristics, as well as optimized UGR values to limit glare. As a result, these systems are able to cover a wide range of requirements in terms of light distribution and quality within a standardized lighting series.

Whether it be narrow passageways in warehouses, banks of shelves or wide walkways, work at a computer or quality control - the BJB modular system has the right component for every requirement. The system also allows both individual lights as well as strip lighting modules to be created. BJB supplies the new single-row optics as a single-lens element with a low UGR value or as a pitch-neutral version for greater flexibility in terms of the LED distance and luminous flux. Both versions are available with matching end caps.

Learn More About BJB Optics

Optics are the key element when creating high-quality LED lights. The development department at BJB is well aware of this, and has also been focusing on creating high-quality systems from plastic for many years with the latest production equipment. "After all, it's the optic that distributes and directs the light and protects against glare", say the developers at BJB. "Commercial lighting typically has different light quality requirements within the same area. A UGR of 22, for example, is sufficient for a sales floor in a supermarket. At the cash desks, however, where screens are used, the value for glare limitation needs to be significantly lower at UGR 19."

The two new single-row optics from BJB allow flexible arrangements such as this. The 35.324 optic, a co-development with Signify for the Philips Fortimo LED Strip OC, is used in areas that require better glare limitation. The optimised microstructure on the surface also ensures excellent light quality. The single-row 35.301 optic, on the other hand, is compatible with widely available LED modules that are 24 mm wide or narrower, as well as with all common module thicknesses. The dimensions of both optics are 280 x 40 mm (1 foot).

BJB optics bring the light to where it's needed

  • Both versions each have five different light distribution options, covering a broad spectrum of applications
  • Narrow-beam (30 degree), medium (60 degree), or wide-beam (90 degree) optics are available, as well as a double and single asymmetrical design
  • The choice of the most suitable application is therefore determined by which surfaces are to be illuminated homogeneously
Diagram of 5 light distribution curves: 35.324 optic

One-Click Attachment for our New Single-Row Optics

The new 35.324 and 35.301 optics also offer BJB's hallmark advantages:

  • Easy, tool-free installation with just one end cap for both optic series
  • Seamless sequencing and superlative safety
  • And the best bit: the new 1-click attachment

This allows the LED module and the optic to be attached in a single step without any need for additional fixing materials or tools.

Both versions are attached optionally to sheet metal or aluminium profiles, with locking taking place on the inside towards the center of the optic in order to avoid unsightly holes. Centering pins align the PCB and optic perfectly with each other and serve as protection against twisting. Both versions can only be released from the inside of the light using a tool. This provides additional safety with non-SELV applications.

All in all, these new optics for creating linear lighting systems offer a wealth of advantages the likes of which have never been seen in this number: five different distribution characteristics each, various UGR values and superb efficiency. Tool-free installation of the optic and PCB in a single step, tremendous flexibility thanks to clip attachment in light panels or aluminium profiles. The end caps can also feature a customer logo on request. All in all, these optics for linear individual lights or strip light modules serve as the ideal building blocks for creating richly varied, high-quality LED systems from a single source

For more information on this new and exciting product within our Optics division, please check out our Optics page here!


BJB is a world renowned German manufacturer and lighting technology solution provider offering a comprehensive range of products & services: LED modules, COB holders, optical components, PCB fixing elements, SMD connectors, testing and automation solutions. BJB has been a leader in the lighting industry since 1867 and now pioneers innovative solutions for solid-state lighting technology

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BJB’s Portfolio of Products Synonymous with Quality Since 1867
February 8, 2020 at 3:30 pm 0

BJB has been associated with connectors, lighting components, accessories and products for over 150 years. Initially, BJB commenced their set-up and operations in Germany by manufacturing components for oil lamps, but from the beginning of the 20th century they switched over to manufacturing electrical connectors and accessories for various domestic and industrial lamps and light sources.

BJB Germany has continuously developed new, user-friendly connectors, lamp holder systems, terminal blocks and switches and has been selling them throughout the world. Presently, BJB's lighting connectors are available and used in wide range of domestic appliances worldwide. Almost all the major producers in the world of domestic appliances of ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, driers, dishwashers and extractor hoods use connectors and switches of BJB.

Components for the Lighting Industry

  • SMD Terminal Blocks
  • Connectors for COBs
  • LED Board Quick-Connect-System: 
  • Receptacle for Outdoor Luminaires
  • Linear Flat System - Flat and interchangeable LED System
  • Push2Fix (P2F) - Fixing Elements
  • Optics
  • Terminal Blocks and Connectors
  • Lampholders for LED Modules
  • Light for Vertical Farming
  • Set'n'Drive - Parameterising resistor for ECGs
  • PCB Connectors
  • Switches

Components for Domestic Appliances Industry

  • Hot [Ovens, Microwaves, etc.]
  • Wet [Washing Machines, Driers, Dishwashers, Water Purifiers, etc.]
  • Cold [Freezers, Refrigerators, Cold Storages, etc.]

SMD Terminal Blocks from BJB:  Our SMD PCB terminal blocks provide the electrical connection to LED boards. They are easy to handle and establish a permanent, secure connection. The various versions in these product series cover a wide range of applications. Suitable for various conductor cross-sections and regardless of whether the power supply is to come from above or below the PCB. PCB connectors from BJB, always a good solution.

SMD Terminal Blocks for rear side wiring, 46.131/46.132: Mini-Flex with wire release function and accessories, 46.141/46.142: Nano with wire release function and accessories, 46.101/46.102: Mini.

Your Advantages

  • Push wire contacts for direct connection of wires
  • Protection against contact by insulation housing
  • 1 and 2 pole version of each series can be combined in a row
  • Low overall height reduces shadowing
  • Wire insertion channels for manual and automatic wiring
  • Suitable for different wires and wire ends
  • With wire release function
  • Tape-and-Reel packaging best to use for SMT process
  • Also available for higher electrical ratings

Connectors, Optics and Reflectors for COBs: For more than 10 years now, COB connectors and holders from BJB have catered for a wide range of possibilities. In a spot or downlight application, the connector is the central component. It performs essential functions for the COB, providing the heat sink attachment, power feed and reflector interface. The range currently consists of several product series which are compatible with over 80 % of all COBs available on the world market. The corresponding optics, reflectors and cover plates complete the range.

47.360 - Slim Spotlight Connectors and Accessories, 47.319 - Spotlight Connectors and Accessories, 47.371 - Multiple and Special FR4 Connectors, 47.315, 47.316 and 47.318 - Connectors, 47.313 - Connectors for STARboards and Accessories.

Your Advantages

  • Permanent contact pressure
  • Quick installation
  • Various wire routing possibilities (47.360)
  • Suitable for 80% of all COBs
  • Pre-assembly fixing of COB
  • Very flat (47.360 / 47.371)
  • Integrated optic and reflector interface
  • Suitable for fixing with P2F 28.902 (47.319 / 47.360)
  • The most comprehensive range worldwide

LED board Quick-Connect System according to Zhaga Book 21: The smartest solution for easy electrical connection of linear LED boards. The board connector is clipped into the luminaire housing. The key feature is the LED boards, which can be installed or exchanged as easily as conventional lamps. BJB supplies the appropriate PCB connector for the purpose. A metal spring securely snaps to hold the LED board in place. To remove the LED board, simply release the springs for fast and simple board replacement. A clever and unique solution and a  significant advantage for board installation and replacement. The wiring is hidden from sight in the luminaire housing. Suitable for the new LED board generation and in conformity with draft Zhaga Book 21 e.g. Fortimo Instant Fit from Philips.

Your Advantages

  • Ideal for reliable fixing and connection of LED boards
  • Quick installation and replacement of circuit boards without tools 
  • Wiring inside the luminaire housing means no disruptive components in the light emission area
  • Suitable for seamless applications due to continuous pitch
  • Upgradeable due to easy replacement when new LED boards become available
  • Reduction in number of versions and capital tie-up due to “late stage finishing”
  • Suitable for automatic wiring via push-in wiring
  • Wires can be released by twisting and pulling
  • Ideal for use in circular economy initiatives

BJB Connection Interface for Outdoor LED

Luminaires: Elektromechanical Interface for Outdoor Luminaires corresponding to Zhaga Book 18. This interface has been developed especially for LED light sources and drivers in outdoor light fixtures. The basis for this development is an IP-compliant receptacle with a sealing cap. The unit provides a complete electrical interface between the receptacle and the respective sensor modules. When used in conjunction with sensor-compatible certified drivers (e.g. Philips), the receptacle assembly is suitable for a plug-in sensor module with a twistlock system. For communication and data transmission, the module is provided with DC power and a DALI 2 or a 2-wire bus. The fourth connection is reserved as a digital IO port. The compact design with an improved seal facilitates the installation of the sensor module on roadway, street and surface area lights upwards, sideways or downwards.

LFS - The modular system with maximum handling convenience: For lighting solutions in supermarkets, warehouses or industrial buildings, for example, the requirement is often not only for a defined light intensity, but also a specific light distribution. In order to meet these demands, we have developed special optics for the Linear Flat System which currently feature six frequently required characteristics. In supermarkets, for example, the shelves can be highlighted and accentuated by using modules with asymmetric light distribution, whereas for general lighting, depending on the luminaire mounting height, the broad- or narrow-beam versions may be suitable.

LFS LED Modules, Inline Adapter (ECG) for Linear Flat System, LFS Lampholders.

Your Advantages

  • Flat design
  • Various power ratings, light control systems and light colours available
  • High-bay versions also available
  • Upgradeable
  • Easy replacement of light source / quick installation
  • Can be operated directly on 3-phase power tracks from EUTRAC by means of an inline adapter 

Our Push-to-Fix (P2F) fixing elements are quick and efficient: Push-to-Fix (P2F) fixing elements are used for fixing PCBs, optics and COBs into luminaire housings and profiles or onto heat sinks. They are often used as an alternative to conventional screw fixing. All P2Fs have one thing in common: They greatly simplify the assembly process.

Optic-P2F, SMD-P2F (Push-to-Fix) - Solderable fixing element for PCBs, P2F (Push-to-Fix) - Fixing elements for PCBs, P2F (Push-to-Fix) - Fixing elements for screw- and profile grooves, P2F (Push-to-Fix) - For fixation of COB Connectors on heat sinks.

Your Advantages

  • Permanent contact pressure
  • Quick installation
  • Silicone cushions compensate for thermally induced tolerances (28.901)
  • Installation of connectors and COBs on heat sinks (28.902)
  • Can be used in the SMT process (28.904)
  • Installation of PCBs on extruded profiles

BJB plastics optics: Our optics always provide coordinated light distribution and light control in response to customer-specific wishes and expectations. In the past, BJB has devoted a great deal of attention to the topic of optics in particular. In addition to the classical components, therefore, we have also developed a comprehensive range of optical systems. Various standard products are available ex works. The assembly is carried out simply via snap-in elements, screws or our P2F fixing elements.

1R Optics, 3x11 Optics, 2x6 Optics, 14 mm LED-System, 20 / 24 mm LED-System

Your Advantages

  • Optics made of PMMA or PC
  • Various light control systems
  • Diffusors also available
  • Easy methods of attachment
  • Areas of use range from indoor to outdoor depending on the application

Terminal Blocks and Connectors from BJB: The main purpose of our terminal blocks is to connect luminaires. They have 2 connection sides – one for wiring to the luminaire and one for the external wiring. The latest terminal block generation, Flat-Connect, stands out due to its very low overall height. In this product range you will find a wide selection of:

  • Terminal Blocks (1- 5-pole)
  • Rast5 Terminal Blocks
  • Connection Elements
  • Plug Connectors
  • Fused Terminal Blocks
  • Accessories

Flat Connect 3 pole, Flat Connect 5 pole, Flat Terminal Block 5 pole, Pushwire terminals 1 pole, Pushwire terminals 2 pole, Pushwire terminals 3 pole, Pushwire terminals 4 pole, Pushwire terminals 5 pole, Pushwire terminals 5 pole (Rast 5), Accessories for pushwire terminals 5 pole (Rast 5), Accessories, Test adaptor for terminal blocks 3 and 5 pole, Screw / push-wire terminals 3 pole, Screw / push-wire terminals 4 pole, Connectors, Fused terminal blocks

Your Advantages

  • Simple, secure installation
  • High-performance plastics
  • Tried-and-tested push-wire contact technology
  • Wire release function
  • Various types of earth connection
  • Various markings available
  • Industry-leading contact design
  • Test ports for easy functional test when installed

BJB lampholders and interface solutions for LED modules: BJB lampholder systems for LED modules are the ideal interface for providing mechanical and electrical contact. Altogether, BJB offers solutions for contacting 3 different systems.

GZ16 Lampholders for tubular LED Light Engines, GH76p Lampholder for E-Core LED Light Engines from Toshiba, Lampholder for GX53-1 LED Light Engines


  • Easy replacement of the light source 
  • Upgradeable
  • Certified standard

BJB lampholders for conventional luminaires: BJB products are "the connection to light". In the past few decades many lamp-base systems from major manufacturers have been developed in cooperation with BJB. In this product range you will find numerous solutions for connecting many different kinds of lamps.

Linear Fluorescent Lampholders: General Applications, Linear Fluorescent Lampholders: Water and Dustproof, Compact Fluorescent Lampholders, HID Lampholders, Line Voltage Halogen Lampholders, Low Voltage Halogen Lampholders, Incandescent Lampholders

Your Advantages

  • Huge selection of lampholders of all kinds
  • Safe, reliable, standardised solutions
  • Also suitable for many LED retrofit lamps 
  • Push-wire contacts for easy conductor connection
  • Various fixing methods
  • High thermal stability depending on requirements
  • Easy to install
Vertical Farming

Lighting Systems for Vertical Farming: System Advantages LED Modules and Driver:

  • Perfect light for every type of plant The LED boards in our modules can be individually adjusted to your plants according to the required wavelength or customer specification, thus laying the basis for optimum plant growth.
  • Simple to use The BJB LED modules are attached quite simply by means of appropriate support elements with clip fasteners. They can be removed without tools. Electrical contact is via a plug-socket system.
  • Very thin, leaving more room for plants Thanks to their low installation height of 18 mm and a width of 35 mm, the LED modules are very flat and space-saving. As a result, depending on the system in use, 1-2 additional shelves can be installed, thereby providing more room for plants. Standard modules have a length of approx. 1.20 m.
  • Protection class IP66 – of course Our LED modules meet the requirements of protection class IP66 and are therefore adequately protected against strong jets of water. This enables us to achieve optimum performance and service life even under difficult conditions

For more information, please visit our corporate website at BJB.com. We look forward to working with you!

Events & Trade Shows
Join BJB at the ELA Expo Lighting America in Mexico City this February
January 29, 2020 at 2:11 am 0

BJB is looking forward to February 25th, the start of this years ELA Expo Lighting America in Mexico City.

The ELA community keeps active all year round creating and supporting initiatives to spread and strengthen the lighting culture in Mexico. This is a three-day event calling on all lighting enthusiasts, specialists and leading lighting brands in Mexico.

In addition to BJB's participation, below are some of the brands that will be in attendance!

We are celebrating the 10th year of this exciting event, and BJB will be at Stand #223! So please visit us there. You can also check out their Facebook page here and again, you can register directly at by clicking here.

About BJB:

Don't forget to check out our new website at BJB.com for automation, lighting components, and household appliance lighting solutions! With three business units, BJB is currently active worldwide in the markets for luminaire manufacture, household appliance lighting and automation in the lighting and appliance industry. Our offer as a supplier and development partner today includes a broad portfolio of products and services for different subject areas.

CT Services
BJB Expands CT Technology Services with 3D Scan Technology & Measurement
January 20, 2020 at 9:07 pm 0

As we've previously highlighted, BJB offers innovative X-Ray CT-Services and we are excited to share that this has now expanded to include 3D scan technology and measurement.

BJB's optical 3D scan technology can provide three different stereo systems by GOM and are available for large-volume components and materials with high radiological densities.

The sensors provide extensively distributed 3D coordinates for each individual measurement. Up to 12 million independent measuring points are recorded within seconds. The measurement data is characterized by high detail reproduction, so that even very small component features can be measured.

The measurement data enables:

  • CAD false colour comparison (variance comparison)
  • Full dimensional check reports
  • Assembly analyses
  • Porosity and inclusion analysis (shrinkage cavity analysis)
  • Complete measurement test reports

To create the data models, the component is x-rayed in the CT system. an x-ray image is produced. the component is then rotated in the x-ray beam and up to 3,500 x-ray images are recorded in the course of the rotation. These x-ray images are used to calculate the tomographic slices and the 3D model of the component on which the analyses can then be carried out.

For more information on this product, please visit our website and contact us!

Fixing Elements/Fasteners, Lighting Components, SMD Terminal Blocks
BJB’s New ‘Flat Terminal Block 5 Poles’ Uniquely Designed for Small Flat LED Luminaires
January 10, 2020 at 1:29 am 0

Continuing our iconic innovation, BJB has created a special flat design that now can be effortlessly used in small flat LED Luminaires. The new 'Flat Terminal block 5 poles' has minimum impact to the design of LED Luminaires, making it the perfect solution for luminaires with reduced height.

In addition, this newly designed terminal block is very flat which was designed for space-saving. Some of the new unique features include:

  • Wide-wire cross section
  • Push-button for easy and quick wire release with a very flexible wire insert
  • Multiple earthing methods (earth-bracket screw-fixing)
  • Snap-in fixation for easy, simple mounting
  • Cut-out compatible with 46.413.111x and 46.415.111x

The functionality is simple, with a the effortless insertion of solid and stranded wires. The wires in the lower openings release by twist and pull while the flexible wires (permitted only for top openings) are inserted and released by a press of the button, per below.

Wire ends must be straight and have to be inserted to the stop lug

For more information on this product, please click here.

With three business units, BJB now operates worldwide in the markets for luminaire manufacturing, domestic appliance lighting and automation in the lighting and appliance industries. Since 1867, we have specialist in electro and mechanical contracting, standard components as well as customized products, and lighting applications for the domestic appliance industry. We also provide our partners with state-of-the-art automation solutions. Inquire today on how we can help you!

BJB – Technology for Light, SMD Terminal Blocks
BJB’s New and Improved SMD Terminal Blocks for Rear-Side Wiring is Now Available
January 3, 2020 at 2:32 am 0

As BJB rings in the New Year, our company continues to make historic and innovative updates to our market leading product portfolio. We are excited to share with the industry our new "SMD Push through terminal block - 1 pole with cover" that improves our first-of-its-kind existing SMD terminal block.

BJB is the first company to market 'rear side wiring' of the SMD Terminal Block and it delivers some significant advantages.

  • Optimized 'pick and place' area
  • Optimized design for reduced shadowing
  • No tools required as wires can be released by twisting and pulling the wire simultaneously
  • Terminal block and ballast on the same working level
  • Fully compatible with BJB Automation - ADS System

Bottom line, this new product simply makes the wiring process of a lighting fixture more efficient. For a full list of BJB SMD Terminal Blocks for rear side wiring, please check out our website here: SMD TERMINAL BLOCKS / REAR SIDE WIRING

At BJB, we take pride in making quality a habit in everything we do. That's why our name has been synonymous with quality since 1867. As we add another year to our historic company, we are excited to continue our product evolution with our new SMD Terminal Blocks for rear side wiring.

For more information on all our products, please visit BJB.com - as we recently re-launched our website. Our team is here to help you find the right solution for your business.