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BJB Expands CT Technology Services with 3D Scan Technology & Measurement

January 20, 2020 0

As we’ve previously highlighted, BJB offers innovative X-Ray CT-Services and we are excited to share that this has now expanded to include 3D scan technology and measurement.

BJB’s optical 3D scan technology can provide three different stereo systems by GOM and are available for large-volume components and materials with high radiological densities.

The sensors provide extensively distributed 3D coordinates for each individual measurement. Up to 12 million independent measuring points are recorded within seconds. The measurement data is characterized by high detail reproduction, so that even very small component features can be measured.

The measurement data enables:

  • CAD false colour comparison (variance comparison)
  • Full dimensional check reports
  • Assembly analyses
  • Porosity and inclusion analysis (shrinkage cavity analysis)
  • Complete measurement test reports

To create the data models, the component is x-rayed in the CT system. an x-ray image is produced. the component is then rotated in the x-ray beam and up to 3,500 x-ray images are recorded in the course of the rotation. These x-ray images are used to calculate the tomographic slices and the 3D model of the component on which the analyses can then be carried out.

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