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BJB Launches a New Family of Single Row Optics for Linear Lighting in Retail, Industry, Office and Commercial

February 20, 2020 0

BJB has developed a new range of single-row optics for flexible lighting design. Because offices, warehouses, production facilities and shopping centers all need flexible lighting systems that deliver maximum efficiency alongside the best possible lighting quality, light-guiding elements in combination with LED modules play a significant role in commerce and industry. And BJB recognizes this.

That’s why our linear systems are equipped with various components to satisfy the complex and unique lighting requirements and light guiding elements in combination with LED modules play a significant role involved with daily retail and corporate commerce. BJB has developed two basic models each with five different beam dispersion characteristics, as well as optimized UGR values to limit glare. As a result, these systems are able to cover a wide range of requirements in terms of light distribution and quality within a standardized lighting series.

Whether it be narrow passageways in warehouses, banks of shelves or wide walkways, work at a computer or quality control – the BJB modular system has the right component for every requirement. The system also allows both individual lights as well as strip lighting modules to be created. BJB supplies the new single-row optics as a single-lens element with a low UGR value or as a pitch-neutral version for greater flexibility in terms of the LED distance and luminous flux. Both versions are available with matching end caps.

Learn More About BJB Optics

Optics are the key element when creating high-quality LED lights. The development department at BJB is well aware of this, and has also been focusing on creating high-quality systems from plastic for many years with the latest production equipment. “After all, it’s the optic that distributes and directs the light and protects against glare”, say the developers at BJB. “Commercial lighting typically has different light quality requirements within the same area. A UGR of 22, for example, is sufficient for a sales floor in a supermarket. At the cash desks, however, where screens are used, the value for glare limitation needs to be significantly lower at UGR 19.”

The two new single-row optics from BJB allow flexible arrangements such as this. The 35.324 optic, a co-development with Signify for the Philips Fortimo LED Strip OC, is used in areas that require better glare limitation. The optimised microstructure on the surface also ensures excellent light quality. The single-row 35.301 optic, on the other hand, is compatible with widely available LED modules that are 24 mm wide or narrower, as well as with all common module thicknesses. The dimensions of both optics are 280 x 40 mm (1 foot).

BJB optics bring the light to where it’s needed

  • Both versions each have five different light distribution options, covering a broad spectrum of applications
  • Narrow-beam (30 degree), medium (60 degree), or wide-beam (90 degree) optics are available, as well as a double and single asymmetrical design
  • The choice of the most suitable application is therefore determined by which surfaces are to be illuminated homogeneously
Diagram of 5 light distribution curves: 35.324 optic

One-Click Attachment for our New Single-Row Optics

The new 35.324 and 35.301 optics also offer BJB’s hallmark advantages:

  • Easy, tool-free installation with just one end cap for both optic series
  • Seamless sequencing and superlative safety
  • And the best bit: the new 1-click attachment

This allows the LED module and the optic to be attached in a single step without any need for additional fixing materials or tools.

Both versions are attached optionally to sheet metal or aluminium profiles, with locking taking place on the inside towards the center of the optic in order to avoid unsightly holes. Centering pins align the PCB and optic perfectly with each other and serve as protection against twisting. Both versions can only be released from the inside of the light using a tool. This provides additional safety with non-SELV applications.

All in all, these new optics for creating linear lighting systems offer a wealth of advantages the likes of which have never been seen in this number: five different distribution characteristics each, various UGR values and superb efficiency. Tool-free installation of the optic and PCB in a single step, tremendous flexibility thanks to clip attachment in light panels or aluminium profiles. The end caps can also feature a customer logo on request. All in all, these optics for linear individual lights or strip light modules serve as the ideal building blocks for creating richly varied, high-quality LED systems from a single source

For more information on this new and exciting product within our Optics division, please check out our Optics page here!


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