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BJB supports all aspects of industrial tomography including optical 3D scanning technology and rapid prototyping

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Does your business have the need for assistance with all aspects of industrial computed tomography? BJB has the experience and technology to help you with your online consulting and webinars, as well as major projects your business is focused on.

Together, we will advance your development, production and quality control…so contact us today to have an online consulting sessions or individualized webinar for your team. Here’s a snapshot of our services:

Our CT Laboratory: Layer by Layer 3D Views

X-Ray computed tomography is familiar to most from a medical perspective, but is also increasingly applied in the industrial sector for non-destructive analysis. It gives exceptional insight into the internal and external geometries of any products and components, and works with a wide variety of materials as plastic, metal and ceramics.

The system in our CT laboratory composes a layer by layer 3D volume model with highly detailed information, even for complex assemblies.

The resulting model makes analysis of a variety of specifications much easier:

  • Weak points and errors can clearly be identified
  • Dimensional tolerance scan be tightly controlled
  • Detection of deformed components during the product assembly
  • Voids in injection-molded plastic components can be discovered

3D Scan Technology & Measurement

BJB’s optical 3D scan technology can provide three different stereo systems by GOM to provide the best analysis results of large-volume components and materials with high radiological densities.

The sensors provide evenly distributed 3D coordinates for each individual measurement. Up to 12 million independent measuring points are recorded within seconds. The measurement data is characterized by high detail reproduction, so that even very small component features can be measured.

The measurement data enables:

  • CAD false colour comparison (variance comparison)
  • Full dimensional check reports
  • Assembly analyses
  • Porosity and inclusion analysis (shrinkage cavity analysis)
  • Complete measurement test reports

By using industrial computed tomography at BJB, we can better control the quality and safety of materials, parts and components in advance of series production.

With the experience we have gained from our own production, we can provide you with the following BJB measurement technology services in the field of CT and stereo camera measurement technology.

Additional Details included:

  • High-resolution industrial computer tomographs
  • Optical 3D stereo camera measurement for large components
  • Volume analyses of CT data from individual components and assemblies
  • Simple CAI analyses as target-actual comparison in false colour display
  • Porosity and inclusion analyses (shrinkage cavity analysis)
  • Complete measurement test reports 
  • Module analyses
  • Troubleshooting / defect detection
  • Films of CT data or x-ray data
  • Films of 3D CT rendering
  • Contract analyses with GOM Inspect Pro and VG Studio Max also of your CT or STL datasets
  • Reverse engineering on the basis of CT or camera datasets

Industrial Computed Tomography

This technology can be used for the non-destructive analysis of any component. The aim is to create a data model on which computerized analyses are carried out.

Important analyses include:

– CAD false colour comparison (target-actual comparison)
– Assembly analyses
– Porosity and inclusion analysis (shrinkage cavity analysis) 
– Complete measurement test reports

To create the data models, the component is x-rayed in the CT system. An x-ray image is produced. The component is then rotated in the x-ray beam and up to 3,500 x-ray images are recorded in the course of the rotation. These x-ray images are used to calculate the tomographic slices and the 3D model of the component on which the analyses can then be carried out.

Bottom line, we are specialists in mastering difficult problems in the fields of measurement technology, research, development and design as well as quality assurance and complaints processing. Put us to the test!


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