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BJB’s ‘screw-free’ 1-click-optics also now available as pitch-independent for maximum flexibility in light control

July 1, 2020 0

As previously mentioned in our article on June 23rd, BJB announced a new family of single-row optics that are designed for 1-click effortless fixing. And now, we are proud to also introduce our BJB 35.301 series of pitch-independent optics which provide flexibility for luminaire manufacturers to select LED modules ranging from 20-24 mm in width.

Whether using single fixtures or continuous rows of luminaires, BJB optics provide precise lighting performance, essential for meeting the requirements of retail and commercial applications. BJB designed the Single-Row Optics with 1-Click Fixing for optimal performance in the lighting of aisles, corridors, parking garages, warehouses, workstations, and general lighting in supermarkets.

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The single-row, flat optics of the 35.301 series are suitable for LED boards with different LED spacing and open up numerous possibilities for directing the luminous flux thus controlling brightness.

The 2D Fresnel lens structure ensures uniform light distribution regardless of LED type or configuration. The 35.301 optics fit all common LED modules from 20-24 mm width according to Zhaga Book 7 and are optimized for a module thickness of 1.6mm.

A few of the highlights:

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Identical End-to-End Caps on Both Sides
  • These are 1-click fixing for fast assembly
  • Wide range of light distributions (30°, 60°, 90° double asymmetric, single asymmetric)
  • Suitablefor SELV and Non-SELV applications
  • For use with 20-24 mm wide LED modules according to Zhaga Book 7
  • Optimal light output
  • Slot and key system allows for easy alignment in rows
  • Identical end caps on both sides

Quick & Safe Assembly

Until now, the assembly of optics and circuit boards required at least two work steps and additional fastening elements or screws. BJB’s 1-click optics offer a dramatically improved alternative. With our new system, LED modules and optics are assembled without tools or screws in one single work step. Our optics are equipped with centering pins and spacers that align the optics correctly on the board and firmly connects them. There are identical end caps on the left and right, which further facilitates assembly and production.

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Bottom line, our single-row optics are optimal not only for quick assembly but also for very secure fastening. Once the board and optics have been assembled, the locking mechanism can only be released with the help of tools from the bottom side. If several optics are mounted in a row, the Key & Slot ensures gapless joints. This feature provides added protection against accidental contact qualifying the optics for NON-SELV applications.

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Versatility is Unmatched

Finally, the last advantage of our new optics family is their versatility. The position of the fixing elements are designed in accordance to the fixing points outlined in Zhaga Book 7. As all optics have the same fixing mechanism, multiple optics will fit one housing, allowing for great versatility and flexibility while using one housing platform.

About BJB:

BJB has been associated with lighting technology for more than 150 years, initially by manufacturing components for oil lamps and then, since the beginning of the 20th century, by providing the electrical connection between the power source and the lamp. Equipped with this knowledge, we have continuously developed new, user-friendly lampholder systems, terminal blocks and switches up to the present day for markets throughout the world. In other words: We provide a “Connection to light”. The way in which these “connections” are installed and the progress which can be achieved in light fitting assembly is the objective of a further area of operation: ADS automation. Here we develop, build and supply customer-specific systems for the automation of light fitting production. A third important element is our lighting solutions for domestic appliances. Visit us at BjB.com!

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