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Carter Hoffmann’s New TenderChef Line Uses BJB’s LED Light for Appliances

March 25, 2020 0

With the evolution of LED having a drastic impact on domestic appliance lighting, BJB continues to be at the forefront of of the industry. We are thrilled that Carter Hoffmann is using our LED light for appliances in their newest product within their TenderChef line, specifically for their unit that provides dry aging solutions for chefs (see video below).

BJB was selected for this unit for a number of reasons:

  • Our LED lighting provides power savings
  • The BJB LED does not give off any heat so partners can control the temperature without factoring in the heat from a traditional light source
  • We provided a compact design with good light output
  • The color temperature matched what they required for their display cabinet
  • BJB provides a proven track record of durability and innovation
  • Less maintenance as top chefs around the country do not need to change the light bulb every 1000 hours
Tenderchef – Dry Aging Solutions for Chefs

BJB’s expertise in providing lighting in the domestic appliance industry not only serves households, but now through Tenderchef, we will be in actively a part of the commercial industry.

In the home, kitchens today are more than just a workspace…they are a living space. And BJB provides the solutions for cooking zones, ovens, cooker hoods and other large kitchen appliances, with modern LED lighting through a contemporary fashion.

For information on the specific product Tenderchef is using, visit our website at BJB.com: Product 77.101.2002 by clicking HERE!

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