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BJB’s New ‘Flat Terminal Block 5 Poles’ Uniquely Designed for Small Flat LED Luminaires
January 10, 2020 at 1:29 am 0

Continuing our iconic innovation, BJB has created a special flat design that now can be effortlessly used in small flat LED Luminaires. The new 'Flat Terminal block 5 poles' has minimum impact to the design of LED Luminaires, making it the perfect solution for luminaires with reduced height.

In addition, this newly designed terminal block is very flat which was designed for space-saving. Some of the new unique features include:

  • Wide-wire cross section
  • Push-button for easy and quick wire release with a very flexible wire insert
  • Multiple earthing methods (earth-bracket screw-fixing)
  • Snap-in fixation for easy, simple mounting
  • Cut-out compatible with 46.413.111x and 46.415.111x

The functionality is simple, with a the effortless insertion of solid and stranded wires. The wires in the lower openings release by twist and pull while the flexible wires (permitted only for top openings) are inserted and released by a press of the button, per below.

Wire ends must be straight and have to be inserted to the stop lug

For more information on this product, please click here.

With three business units, BJB now operates worldwide in the markets for luminaire manufacturing, domestic appliance lighting and automation in the lighting and appliance industries. Since 1867, we have specialist in electro and mechanical contracting, standard components as well as customized products, and lighting applications for the domestic appliance industry. We also provide our partners with state-of-the-art automation solutions. Inquire today on how we can help you!

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BJB’s Push-2-Fix (P2F) and Automation Enhances Production and Performance for Major Lighting OEMs
August 12, 2019 at 9:12 am 0

BJB's P2F (Push-2-Fix) fixing element has become recognized as the highest quality method for attached LED printed circuit boards into lighting fixtures on the market today. Since it's release, P2F has seen a rapid adoption within the leading OEMs (lighting manufacturers) all over the world. With measurable benefits and efficiencies to cost, production and performance, the P2F is setting a higher quality standard for LED board fixation.

Designed for simple, push-in installation, the BJB P2F ensures permanent, contact pressure to the metal housing allowing for excellent heat dissipation. BJB's innovative solution is the industry's first mechanical fixation element specifically designed for optimal attachment of LED PCB light sources, far surpassing metal threaded screws, plastic clips or adhesives.

Moreover, a silicon ring compensates for thermal expansion and mechanical stress, eliminating warping or cracking of the LED board. The electrically insulating connection to the PCB is shock and vibration resistant and there is no need for a torque screwdriver system which has to be calibrated. The P2F can be installed quickly and securely by hand or with the aid of an installation tool.

BJB Automation At It's Best:

The highlights:

  • Quick, push-in installation (manually by hand or with BJB bit tool)
  • Permanent contact pressure (10-24 N)
  • Electrically insulating connection to PCB
  • Shock & vibration resistant
  • 6 color-coded varieties indicate package thickness (1.5 – 4.0 mm)
  • Quick, push-in installation (manually by hand or with BJB bit tool)
  • Permanent contact pressure (10-24 N)
  • Electrically insulating connection to PCB
  • Shock & vibration resistant
  • 6 color-coded varieties indicate package thickness (1.5 – 4.0 mm)

General Product Information:

  • Product Series Number: 28.901.U16X.XX
  • Material: CrNi spring with silicon insulating ring
  • Temp. rating: 80°C
  • Ring diameter: ø 8.0 mm
  • Push-in fixation
  • Suitable for Zhaga certified LED modules.
  • Eliminates potential damage from error prone screw assembly
  • “Floating” connection offsets thermal tolerances of PCB
  • Assembly without any additional tools possible
  • Solutions for automation upon request
  • Easily removable from top

About BJB:

BJB is a world renowned German manufacturer and lighting technology solution provider offering a comprehensive range of products & services: LED modules, COB holders, optical components, PCB fixing elements, SMD connectors, testing and automation solutions. BJB has been a leader in the lighting industry since 1867 and now pioneers innovative solutions for solid-state lighting technology.

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WATCH IT NOW! An Industry Leading Alternative to Screws – BJB’s SMD P2F
July 26, 2019 at 4:35 am 0

Let's just say, this video says it all! Take a look at our innovative alternative to screw fixation of LED Boards.

The Key Features

  • Comes in tape and reel packaging
  • Pre-attachment of the P2F SMD to the LED PCB during the pick and place and reflow process
  • LED PCB is ready for snap in attachment into the fixture either manually or automatically with BJB automation systems
  • Save more than 50% of assembly set-up, saving you time and money

Want More Information? Visit BJB and our P2F (Push-to-Fix) product guide!

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BJB’s P2F (Push-to-Fix) for Optics Stands Out
May 13, 2019 at 3:04 am 0

For easy installation of optics together with LED modules, BJB has you covered. Literally, just one easy step for for assembly of LED modules and optics.

P2F Fixing Element for Optics

The preassembled P2F 28.905 provides the following benefits:

  • Just one step for assembly, as mentioned above, by simply pushing down P2F fixing elment
  • Costly screwing process is not required
  • The contact pressure of 10 N / P2F creates the basis for an optimal thermal management
  • Simple, round cut-out with 4.2 mm in the luminary sheet
  • Package thickness: 3.7 - 5.4 mm
  • Releasable connection

For details - view product here: https://www.bjb.com/en/optic-push-to-fix

BJB was founded in 1867 by Friedrich Wilhelm Brökelmann, Franz Jäger and Gustav Busse. The business began as a factory for petroleum lamps and developed into a company which manufactured components for establishing the connection between power supply and light. Today, BJB is a lighting technology brand which supplies innovative solutions to the lighting and domestic appliance industries worldwide. Visit our website for more information at BJB.com

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BJB to Feature Advances in LED Board Exchangeability at Lightfair International 2019 in Philadelphia
May 6, 2019 at 2:46 pm 0

There aren't many companies that have been around for 150 years. According to Business News Daily, there are only 21 American companies that were all started more than 150 years ago and are still thriving today. Companies such as JP Morgan Chase (1799), Jim Beam (1795), and DuPont (1802) are a few of the more recognizable brands.

And, when it comes to lighting technology, there's another company that's historic impact on an industry has thrived the test of time. That company is none other than BJB founded in 1867 in Germany. They will be headlining this years Lightfair International, in the historic city of Philadelphia. This event is the global epicenter of light, technology, knowledge, and innovation.

Joe Laufer, President of BJB's USA Operations is excited to feature advances in automation and board exchangeability, and they are highlighting a recent partnership with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting). Joe Laufer states:

Our solution, in partnership with Signify is to offer a system that allows for quick and easy board exchangeability.  With our system, the board ‘clicks’ into brackets in the fixture (provided by us) which eliminates the need for screws. Further, the electrical connection is made via our connector (see attached brochure below).  Field replacement would take seconds…

Joe Laufer, President - BJB USA

The industry, as a whole, does not seem to be interested in 'field repalaceability' but rather most interested in ease of installation during assembly. He continued:

We decided to display at Lightfair to showcase this product and hope to get a lot of feedback about this innovative solution.

BJB - Technology for Light

For those of you interested in checking out the smartest solution for easy electrical connection of linear LED boards, visit booth #3534 at the fair.

Download the Brochure Today!

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Connecting Luminaires: BJB Terminal Blocks and Connectors
April 27, 2019 at 2:54 am 0

The main purpose of BJB terminal blocks is to connect luminaires. They have 2 connection sides – one for wiring to the luminaire and one for the external wiring. The latest terminal block generation, Flat-Connect, stands out due to its very low overall height.
In this product range you will find a wide selection of:

- Terminal Blocks (1- 5-pole)
- Rast5 Terminal Blocks
- Connection Elements
- Plug Connectors
- Fused Terminal Blocks
- Accessories

Click for Product Overview & Product List

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BJB OPTICS – The Perfect Light Distribution & Control
April 26, 2019 at 2:47 am 0

BJB Plastic optics always provide coordinated light distribution and light control in response to customer-specific wishes and expectations.
In the past, BJB has devoted a great deal of attention to the topic of optics in particular. In addition to the classical components, therefore, we have also developed a comprehensive range of optical systems. Various standard products are available ex works. The assembly is carried out simply via snap-in elements, screws or our P2F fixing elements.

The BJB Optics Advantage

- Optics made of PMMA or PC
- Various light control systems
- Diffusors also available
- Easy methods of attachment
- Areas of use range from indoor to outdoor depending on the application


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What is Vertical Farming? We are glad you asked!
April 23, 2019 at 12:53 am 0

Vertical farming 'is the practice of producing food in vertically stacked layers, vertically inclined surfaces, and/or integrated in other structures, such as in a skyscraper, used warehouse, or shipping container.

The modern ideas of vertical farming use indoor farming techniques and controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) technology, where environmental factors can be controlled. One of the most critical components required for successful vertical farming is utilizing special LED lighting systems with spectrums that provide ideal growing conditions. BJB is a leader in providing LED technology for cultivating these 'indoor farms'.

As such, BJB and our LED boards in our modules can be uniquely modified depending on your plants, specifically designed according to the required wavelength. Customers have the flexibility to select the desired LED lighting to achieve the ideal plant growth.

Simplicity of use and space efficiency are two of our major differenciators, as our support elements utilize clip fasteners, and can be removed effortlessly without tools via a plug-socket system.

A few of our Urban Farming Products:

Fixing Elements/Fasteners, LED Board Connectors, Lighting Components
BJB P2F (Push-to-Fix) Fixing Elements for LED PCBs Provide Quick Installation & Low Labor Costs
April 11, 2019 at 4:03 pm 0

BJB P2F (Push-to-Fix) Fixing Elements for LED PCBs offer low insertion loss and reliable heat dissipation due to a constant pressure. These fixing elements provide quick assembly process that improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

The P2F fixing elements are designed for hole pattern in a light fitting 4mm to 4.8mm in PCBs. These P2F elements eliminate the potential damage from screw mounting due to low insertion force. The P2F fixing elements for LED PCBs feature shock and vibration resistance, low insertion force, and multiple colored silicone rings that note the various thickness of the rings


  • Low insertion force, shock, and vibration resistant
  • Reliable heat dissipation due to a constant pressure
  • Removable connection and even heat dissipation due to a constant pressure
  • Removable connection
  • Quick assembly process improves production efficiency and reduces production costs
  • Floating connection compensates tolerances and thermal length variations
  • Assembly without any additional tools
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BJB Creates Customized PCBs and Accessories
April 1, 2019 at 1:35 pm 0

Headline:  BJB  Creates Customized PCBs and Accessories

As a manufacturer of innovative components for the efficient, low-cost production of LED luminaires, BJB has established itself as a specialist for customer-specific solutions, demonstrated by the range of miniature, easy-to-use components in its portfolio.

Examples include:

  • Their mains connection terminal block, with a height of only 11mm, is perfectly suited to the new generation of flat electronic control gear
  • Their Discus circular LED modules (diameters 224 mm and 300 mm) are ideal for circular ceiling and wall luminaires

Displaying its historic impact on lighting, BJB delivers it’s experience to the field of intelligent connection technology as well as its expertise in automated luminaire production for the development of customer-specific LED modules and components.

In the fast moving field of LED Technology, BJB is on the cutting edge focusing its attention on the challenges the industry faces and how to translate this evolution into custom-made solutions.

The Keys:

  • Flexibility in individual luminaire design
  • The rapid implementation through to the marketability stage

The BJB Difference?

  • LED modules with linear, square, or circular designs with dimensions of up to 650 mmx 400 mm can be created, geared to the customer requirements or specific lighting applications

The spectrum of services BJB provides ranges from consultation, layout design and prototype development through to series production and approvals.

A Screwless Perfection That Works

The concept of the ‘Push-to-Fix’ element (P2F) does not only provide technical advantages over the screw, it is also quick and easier to use. The industry-wide positive feedback has pushed BJB to exhibit further versions at Light+Building.

The substantial benefits to the user are:

  • Elimination of the need for thread-cutting
  • The avoidance of shadow formation due to their considerably lower elevation above the circuit board compared to the screw head

A Proven Alternative

The P2F has proved to be a successful alternative to the traditional screw for fixing LED modules from the BJB | OEM-Line or from other manufacturers. Consisting of a metal spring and an elastic silicone ring, it provides the connection between the surfaces of the PCB and luminaire housing, with no bending. This ensures excellent heat dissipation – and important and decisive factor in determining the service life of LED luminaires.

The fixing element P2F Screw&Profile Groove has been developed specifically for fixing modules to aluminum profiles with screw grooves. Unlike traditional screws, the P2F element, which can be installed quickly and securely with the aid of a manual setting device, provides permanent, defined contact pressure.

The P2F element for blind holes represents an alternative to M3 screws as well, especially advantageous for fixing of low, mid-, or high-power LED modules to heat sinks with blind drill holes or thick aluminum profiles with blind holes. The P2F is installed effortlessly, without the worry of damage to the PCB due to screw tilting or excessive torque.

Additionally, the P2F SMD solderable is suitable fixing low-and mid-power LED boards to mounting plates. The fixing elements are fitted during the SMD process, soldered onto the PCBs while passing through the reflow oven, and thereby pre-attached. During the final installation, the pre-attached P2Fs are brought into their final positions by pressing down the spring clips. This can be performed manually or automatically.

NOTE: The portion of the P2F SMD solderable above the PCB is considerably lower than a screw head, thereby preventing shadow formation.

Innovation At Its Best

BJB’s P2F SMD solderable, P2F for blind holes and P2F Screw&Profile Groove represents the continued evolution and development to the innovative P2F product series. Specifically designed to meet the requirements for efficient series production of LED luminaires, BJB adds its historic knowledge base and technology to deliver the highest value to the industry…by providing P2F fixing elements as an ideal addition to the BJB | OEM-Line modular system.