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Showcasing our latest products: Optics with 1-Click Fixing System (Pitch Dependent and Pitch Independent)
June 8, 2021 at 3:44 am 0

Even though our latest trade fair has been postponed, it doesn't stop the innovation at BJB. Today, we want to showcase one of our current innovations:

BJB presents a new range of single-row optics that can be assembled faster than ever before, thanks to innovative 1-click fixing. The optics connect to the LED module in a single step - without tools, screws or other mounting elements. Centering pins and spacers position and fix the circuit board and optics securely and in the correct position on the luminaire metal sheet or aluminum profile. The end caps provide a clean finish.

In addition to efficient assembly, BJB optics with 1-click fixing provide optimum operational safety. The optics meet all requirements for NON-SELV applications. Made from impact-resistant PC, the optics cannot be dismantled without tools. The BJB optic system meets all requirements for protection against electric shock by utilizing a key and slot system that provides additional contact protection.

The new BJB optics are available in two versions: The pitch-dependent optics of the 35.324 series ensure particularly low glare, while the pitch-independent optics of the 35.301 series offer maximum flexibility in light control and module selection.

The Highlight:

Optics with 1-Click-Fixing-System: Pitch Dependent and Pitch Independent Optics. The 35.324 and 35.301 optics offer BJB's unmatched hallmark advantages:

  • Easy, tool-free installation with just one end cap for both optic series
  • Seamless sequencing and superlative safety
  • And the best bit: The new 1-click attachment

Perfect for Retail and Commercial

Optics are essential for light distribution and control. Individual lighting requirement are met by utilizing BJB optics to vary illumination properties. Of particular importance in optic design is compatibility with a wide-range of LED modules and low glare, indicated by UGR value.

The pitch-dependent optics of the 35.324 series are particularly low-glare and provide a homogeneous light appearance due to the optimised microstructure surface. The 35.324 series optics are specifically designed for applications in which require a high level of focused illumination.

The BJB 35.301 series of pitch-independent optics provides flexibility for luminaire manufacturers to select LED modules ranging from 20 - 24 mm in width.

Whether using single fixtures or continuous rows of luminaires, BJB optics provide precise lighting performance, essential for meeting the requirements of retail and commercial applications. BJB designed the Single-Row Optics with 1-Click Fixing for optimal performance in the lighting of aisles, corridors, parking garages, warehouses, workstations, and general lighting in supermarkets

Quick & safe assembly!
With new fixing system

Until now, the assembly of optics and circuit boards required at least two work steps and additional fastening elements or screws. BJB’s 1-click optics offer a dramatically improved alternative. With our new system, LED modules and optics are assembled without tools or screws in one single work step. Our optics are equipped with centering pins and spacers that align the optics correctly on the board and firmly connects them. Both the 35.324 series and the 35.301 series use identical end caps on the left and right, which further facilitates assembly and production.

Our single-row optics score points not only with quick assembly, but also for very secure fastening.
Once the board and optics have been assembled, the locking mechanism can only be released with the help of tools from the bottom side. If several optics are mounted in a row, the Key & Slot System ensures gapless joints.

This feature provides added protection against accidental contact qualifying the optics for NON-SELV applications.

Another advantage of our new optics family is their versatility. The position of the fixing elements are
designed in accordance to the fixing points outlined in Zhaga Book 7. As all optics have the same fixing mechanism, multiple optics will fit one housing, allowing for great flexibility while using one housing platform


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