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Smart LED Street and Exterior Lights: How BJB is Impacting the Lighting Revolution

August 13, 2020 0

Cars are not the only thing getting smarter around the world. While self-driving cars are getting all the attention, what about the roads themselves becoming smarter? But wait, there’s much more than just road! What about modern LED lights the now provide numerous options for smart applications by illuminating not just the roads we drive on, but also the cul de sacs we live in, the parks we play in, and footpaths that we walk on.

Did you know that the brightness of outdoor fixtures can be specifically adapted to the natural lighting conditions of the current traffic volume, which noticeably reduces energy consumption. Likewise, parking space detection can be incorporated into smart lighting systems too. Smart lighting systems provide detailed energy consumption analysis so systems may operate as efficiently as possible, and alert those responsible for any failures. And BJB plays a vital role in bringing these lighting systems to life. This article looks at the technical features that are required.

Technical Requirements for Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is based on intelligent sensors or communication modules and data analysis. In order for the interaction between sensor or communication module and luminaire to work, you need the proper connection technology that connects the luminaire and sensor or communication module:

Let’s look at the schematic structure of an LED Light:

  • A – Sensor and communication module
  • B – Receptacle
  • C – LED driver
  • D – LEDs

The BJB Connecting Socket: Zhaga Receptacle

With the electromechanical interface of the 47.121 series according to Zhaga Book 18, BJB offers a practical solution for the connection between LED outdoor light and sensor or communication module. This standardized interface is compatible with numerous sensors and communication modules from different manufacturers.

The BJB receptacles are equally suitable for wall and panel lights. They can be used to place sensors on the top (1), bottom (2) or side (3) of the lamp, depending on the desired function of the sensor. Depending on the application, the correct alignment of the sensor module with respect to the environment is required for proper function. LEARN MORE!

Product Variants Zhaga Receptacle

NEW: 47.121.U303.80

Receptacle for communication and sensor module for standard sheet metal cut-out and assembled flat seal: View Product Here

  • A – Sealing cap
  • B – Receptacle with assembled flat seal
  • C – Lock washer
  • D – Lock nut

Additional products include:


Receptacle for communication and sensor module for standard metal sheet cut-out for O-ring seal. View Product


Receptacle for communication and sensor module for BJB metal sheet cut-out for O-ring seal. View Product

BJB Advantages at a Glance

  • Zhaga Receptacle: Electromechanical interface for smart street and outdoor lighting
  • Possible sensor positions on the lamp: top, bottom, side
  • For standard or BJB sheet metal cut-outs for O-ring seals
  • With assembled flat seal for standard sheet metal cut-out
  • Protection class: IP 66
  • IK impact resistance level until 09

For more information, visit our website at BJB.com. We are here to serve our customers and clients 24/7.

About BJB:

BJB has been associated with lighting technology for more than 150 years, initially by manufacturing components for oil lamps and then, since the beginning of the 20th century, by providing the electrical connection between the power source and the lamp. Equipped with this knowledge, we have continuously developed new, user-friendly lampholder systems, terminal blocks and switches up to the present day for markets throughout the world. In other words: We provide a “Connection to light”. The way in which these “connections” are installed and the progress which can be achieved in light fitting assembly is the objective of a further area of operation: ADS automation. Here we develop, build and supply customer-specific systems for the automation of light fitting production. A third important element is our lighting solutions for domestic appliances. Visit us at BjB.com!

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