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BJB P2F (Push-to-Fix) Fixing Elements for LED PCBs Provide Quick Installation & Low Labor Costs
April 11, 2019 at 4:03 pm 0

BJB P2F (Push-to-Fix) Fixing Elements for LED PCBs offer low insertion loss and reliable heat dissipation due to a constant pressure. These fixing elements provide quick assembly process that improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

The P2F fixing elements are designed for hole pattern in a light fitting 4mm to 4.8mm in PCBs. These P2F elements eliminate the potential damage from screw mounting due to low insertion force. The P2F fixing elements for LED PCBs feature shock and vibration resistance, low insertion force, and multiple colored silicone rings that note the various thickness of the rings


  • Low insertion force, shock, and vibration resistant
  • Reliable heat dissipation due to a constant pressure
  • Removable connection and even heat dissipation due to a constant pressure
  • Removable connection
  • Quick assembly process improves production efficiency and reduces production costs
  • Floating connection compensates tolerances and thermal length variations
  • Assembly without any additional tools
Fixing Elements/Fasteners, LED Board Connectors
BJB’s Innovative Reflowable Fixing Element for LED Boards (SMD P2F) Highlights LED Innovation
March 20, 2019 at 7:48 pm 0
BJB’s SMD P2F fixing element for LED printed circuit boards was the industry’s first reflowable mechanical fixation device. Suitable for low- and mid-power LED boards in linear and panel type luminaries, BJB continued its successful evolution into innovative solutions for LED lighting.

A Unique Pre-Attachment Makes The Difference

The unique aspect of this product is the pre-attachment of the SMD P2F to the LED PCB. It is adhered to the LED board during the pick-and-place and reflow assembly process. Additionally, during final assembly of the luminaire, the LED board is ready for ‘easy to use’ snap-in attachment and can be securely fixed by simply clicking it into the fixture housing.

Simplicity Eliminates Error-Prone Screw Assembly

This revolutionary process eliminates error-prone screw assembly for lighting manufacturers. The simplicity of the installation is what makes the SMD P2F fixing element so unique, where as installation can be performed by hand, with a manual tool, or automatically using BJB automation system. Contact BJB for samples and product information.