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BJB’s Push-2-Fix (P2F) and Automation Enhances Production and Performance for Major Lighting OEMs
August 12, 2019 at 9:12 am 0

BJB's P2F (Push-2-Fix) fixing element has become recognized as the highest quality method for attached LED printed circuit boards into lighting fixtures on the market today. Since it's release, P2F has seen a rapid adoption within the leading OEMs (lighting manufacturers) all over the world. With measurable benefits and efficiencies to cost, production and performance, the P2F is setting a higher quality standard for LED board fixation.

Designed for simple, push-in installation, the BJB P2F ensures permanent, contact pressure to the metal housing allowing for excellent heat dissipation. BJB's innovative solution is the industry's first mechanical fixation element specifically designed for optimal attachment of LED PCB light sources, far surpassing metal threaded screws, plastic clips or adhesives.

Moreover, a silicon ring compensates for thermal expansion and mechanical stress, eliminating warping or cracking of the LED board. The electrically insulating connection to the PCB is shock and vibration resistant and there is no need for a torque screwdriver system which has to be calibrated. The P2F can be installed quickly and securely by hand or with the aid of an installation tool.

BJB Automation At It's Best:

The highlights:

  • Quick, push-in installation (manually by hand or with BJB bit tool)
  • Permanent contact pressure (10-24 N)
  • Electrically insulating connection to PCB
  • Shock & vibration resistant
  • 6 color-coded varieties indicate package thickness (1.5 – 4.0 mm)
  • Quick, push-in installation (manually by hand or with BJB bit tool)
  • Permanent contact pressure (10-24 N)
  • Electrically insulating connection to PCB
  • Shock & vibration resistant
  • 6 color-coded varieties indicate package thickness (1.5 – 4.0 mm)

General Product Information:

  • Product Series Number: 28.901.U16X.XX
  • Material: CrNi spring with silicon insulating ring
  • Temp. rating: 80°C
  • Ring diameter: ø 8.0 mm
  • Push-in fixation
  • Suitable for Zhaga certified LED modules.
  • Eliminates potential damage from error prone screw assembly
  • “Floating” connection offsets thermal tolerances of PCB
  • Assembly without any additional tools possible
  • Solutions for automation upon request
  • Easily removable from top

About BJB:

BJB is a world renowned German manufacturer and lighting technology solution provider offering a comprehensive range of products & services: LED modules, COB holders, optical components, PCB fixing elements, SMD connectors, testing and automation solutions. BJB has been a leader in the lighting industry since 1867 and now pioneers innovative solutions for solid-state lighting technology.

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BJB OPTICS – The Perfect Light Distribution & Control
April 26, 2019 at 2:47 am 0

BJB Plastic optics always provide coordinated light distribution and light control in response to customer-specific wishes and expectations.
In the past, BJB has devoted a great deal of attention to the topic of optics in particular. In addition to the classical components, therefore, we have also developed a comprehensive range of optical systems. Various standard products are available ex works. The assembly is carried out simply via snap-in elements, screws or our P2F fixing elements.

The BJB Optics Advantage

- Optics made of PMMA or PC
- Various light control systems
- Diffusors also available
- Easy methods of attachment
- Areas of use range from indoor to outdoor depending on the application


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BJB Positioned Favorably As Horticulture Lighting Market Expected to Grow to $6.2 Billion by 2023
April 17, 2019 at 7:50 pm 0

As first reported via Cision PR Newswire, 'the horticulture lighting market is expect to grow from USD 2.43 billion in 2019 to USD 6.21 billion by 2023, at an annual growth rate of 20.61%.' In the report, it mentions that the exponential growth is capitalizing on rapid population growth and availability of limited agricultural land.

The report expands on the following:

  • Technology
  • Lighting Type
  • Cultivation
  • Application
  • Geography

BJB is aggressively emerging as a leader within the horticultural space, assisting in developing excellent and efficient technology within the space. The report mentions:

Horticulture lighting systems consist of both hardware and software. Hardware includes lamps, fixtures, reflectors, reflective films, ballasts, and others. Software includes light controlling software, while services such as planning, installation, and maintenance have also been considered in the report. Hardware holds the largest share of the horticulture lighting market compared to software and services as software offerings and services are relatively newer in the market for horticulture lighting.

Additionally, the report highlights the expansive use of LED lights, which is a major focus of BJB:

In 2017, LED lights accounted for the largest share of the horticulture lighting market based on technology since these lights are energy-efficient and also have additional benefits such as low heat, compact size, and a long operational life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

Toplighting becomes an industry-wide buzz word

Toplighting is the style of lighting used most within this sector. Within this platform, lamps with 'particular spectrum of light' are positioned above the plants. The story mentions that 'interlighting' is a relatively new concept in horticulture lighting in which lights are placed inside the canopy of high-wire plants, which directs and focuses growth-stimulating light on the most vital parts of the crop, such as its leaves and veins. Toplighting, being a traditional method of lighting, holds a larger share of horticulutre lighting market

Why BJB is Leading the Way in Urban Farming Technology?

BJB is aggressively working within the vertical farming industry and has the products to provide the most innovative lighting systems within the industry. Advances in the LED technology, BJB provides LED modules with red-white light spectrum as well as LED modules with red blue light spectrum and full light spectrums. Our LED boards in our modules can be individually adjusted to your plants according to the required wavelength or customer specification, thus laying the foundation for optimum plant growth.

BJB LED Modules are Simple to Use, Reducing Labor

The BJB LED modules are attached quite simply by means of appropriate support elements with clip fasteners. They can be removed without tools, simplifying the entire process, saving you time and money. The electrical contact is via a plug-socket system.

Very Thin, Leaving More Room for Plants

Thanks to their low installation height of 18 mm and a width of 35 mm, the LED modules are very flat and space-saving. As a result, depending on the system in use, one to two additional shelves can be installed, thereby providing more room for plants. Additionally, BJB's LED modules meet the requirements of protection class IP66 and are therefore adequately protected against strong jets of water, allowing us to achieve optimum performance and service life even under difficult conditions.

View BJB's LED Modules Below - 37.132 - Urban Farming / Horticultural

  1. Urban Farming LED Modules with 628mm length (red/white and red/blue)
  2. Urban Farming LED Modules with 1228mm length (red/white)

For more information on how BJB can you within the Urban Farming or Horticultural industry, please CONTACT us today!

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BJB P2F (Push-to-Fix) Fixing Elements for LED PCBs Provide Quick Installation & Low Labor Costs
April 11, 2019 at 4:03 pm 0

BJB P2F (Push-to-Fix) Fixing Elements for LED PCBs offer low insertion loss and reliable heat dissipation due to a constant pressure. These fixing elements provide quick assembly process that improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

The P2F fixing elements are designed for hole pattern in a light fitting 4mm to 4.8mm in PCBs. These P2F elements eliminate the potential damage from screw mounting due to low insertion force. The P2F fixing elements for LED PCBs feature shock and vibration resistance, low insertion force, and multiple colored silicone rings that note the various thickness of the rings


  • Low insertion force, shock, and vibration resistant
  • Reliable heat dissipation due to a constant pressure
  • Removable connection and even heat dissipation due to a constant pressure
  • Removable connection
  • Quick assembly process improves production efficiency and reduces production costs
  • Floating connection compensates tolerances and thermal length variations
  • Assembly without any additional tools
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BJB’s Multin-lens Optics for 3 x 11 LED MODULES Provides Lighting OB EM’s with Greater Optical Efficiency and Precise Beam Control
April 10, 2019 at 3:46 pm 0

BJB's 3 x 11 multi-lens optics (31.930 Series) extends our portfolio of LED solutions for OEM lighting manufacturers. This specific series is designed for LED lighting systems used in:

  • Supermarkets
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial and Industrial Spaces


The 31.930 Optic Series helps solve the common efficiency problems associated with light loss in the optical design while providing uniform light distribution.

  • The optics are compatible with 5630 LEDs and the Zhaga Book 7 interface specifications (for Linear and Square LED Modules) for the rectangular L28W6 form-factor.
  • The high-precision optics are made of clear PMMA and achieve optical efficiency values up to 96%.
  • The 31.930 Series optics are easy to install


Here's what make this product so innovative:

  • Optical efficiency up to 96%
  • Dimensions: 286mm (length) x 61mm (width) x 8.5mm (height)
  • Available in 4 different light distributions: wide (90 degrees), medium (68 degrees), narrow (30 degrees), double-asymmetric
  • High-precision components made of clear PMMA
  • Compatible with 5630 LED's and Zhaga Book 7 interface specifications (L28W6)
  • Quick and easy installation (M4 screws)
  • Suitable for wide range of indoor lighting applications (IP20)


As BJB continues expanding its line of optics, the company now offers more LED solutions than ever to OEM lighting manufacturers.

BJB is already well know for their industry leading electro-mechanical components (P2F fixing elements, COB holders, and SMD terminal blocks) and now lighting manufacturers can rely on BJB for premium quality optics. Visit BJB.com for more product information or contact one of our LED sales experts today for samples.

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Ground Breaking Linear Flat System With Industry Leading Technology From BJB – OEM-Line
March 23, 2019 at 7:27 pm 0
Over the last two years, The Linear Flat System has been a huge success for BJB, utilizing a combination with standard-three phase power tracks. Logistical and simultaneously stylish, it is only 45 mm high. This revolutionary LED system from BJB’s OEM-Line has the feel of a design element, as the characteristics of the lighting shine elegantly. The pre-requisites for the flat design are:
  • The miniaturized control gear with an overall height of only 11 mm
  • The track integration
  • The Linear Flat System lampholder, which is designed to fit the power track adapter

A Slender Appearance

The direct method of installation, with no additional luminaire housing, also gives the system a slender and appealing appearance. This innovative, elegantly designed solution provides a significant lighting advantage to any shop, office or hospital. Due to its flexibility and the fact that it is highly economical, the combination of powertrack and Linear Flat System works extremely well in any industrial setting. Sophistication Adds Diversity to BJB | OEM-Line Portfolio This sophisticated is the perfect addition to the BJB | OEM-Line portfolio. Like the second generation of the Linear Flat System, it opens up further areas of application, as there are now optical elements available with function-specific light distribution. Because of this, as well as the combination of excellent color rendering of CRI > 80, it provides the ideal pre-requisite for application-specific solutions. Linear Flat System is suitable for:
  • General Lighting Applications
  • Accent Lighting
  • Wallwashing & Shelf Lighting
Additionally, all lighting tasks in offices, hospitals, industrial facilities, as well as shops and supermarkets are highly efficient.

Flexibility and Sustainability Matters

With clear lines, excellent lighting parameters, and its extremely compact design, the second generation of Linear Flat System has a muddle efficiency that’s increased by 10% (up to 142 IM/W). This classical design consists of:
  • LED light source
  • Lampholder
  • Lamp Support
The flexibility and sustainability is paramount. Using the BJB philosophy of ‘late-state finishing’, luminaire series can be produced in the same way as before, with the ‘lamp’ integrated later.

Fitted to Customer Specification

Once the order has been placed, the suitable LED light source is fitted to customer-specific requirements in terms of luminous flux and color temperature, with an overall height of only 13 mm. All luminaire’s are provided with the latest lighting parameters, which aligns with the ever-changing and fast-moving world of LED technology. If there is a change in the use of the rooms or premises, the LED light source can be replaced by a new, brighter generation and it can evolve into a different color temperature. Tool-free installation ensures convenient handling of the Linear Flat System

Multiple Applications & Different Sizes

Fully encapsulated, the 565 mm, 1,166 mm and 1,466 mm-long Linear Flat System offers not only excellent thermal management but a wide range of unique applications. The LED light source is only 37 mm wide and has color temperatures of 3,000 K and 4,000 K and achieves a luminous flux varying between 1,160 lm and 5,000 lm. The Linear Flat System is a highly economical and intelligent solution with uniform, coherent design that provides sustainability and flexibility for any lighting solution, particularly in an industrial or retail facility. Want Product Information on Ordering? Click This Link!
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Light Middle East 2018 Showcases BJB’s as Powerplayer in Regional Urban Lighting Landscape
September 20, 2018 at 3:19 am 0

Previously appeared in MiddleEastArchitect.com

Solar powered smart street lamps and LEDS for urban greenhouses are among the latest innovations expected to be showcased at Light Middle East 2018

According to a statement released by the exhibition, European manufactures will be heavily present during the event, which will run from 23 to 25 September at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and will present their latest innovative products

Light Middle East 2018 will feature more than 340 exhibitors from 25 countries, and more than 70 of these will hail from Europe. Many are standalone exhibitors, while others will be part of dedicated country pavilions from Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, the UK and Germany.

"The finest in European technology will be on display for thousands of regional trade buyers, architects, lighting designers, consultants, engineers, and end-users," the statement said, "with leading brands sharing their visions of what the regional urban lighting landscape may look like in the future."

German-headquartered BJB provides a prime example of Light Middle East 2018 exhibitors with an eye on the future. Along with its standard product line of single row optics and COB connectors, BJB will highlight its Urban Farming LED modules, designed to help grow fruits and vegetables in city ‘farmscrapers’.

The launch of the energy-efficient light-emitting diode comes after the announcement that Dubai will be home to the world’s largest vertical farm, and will be welcomed by consultants working on the US$40 million project, which is slated to be completed by the end of 2019.

Other prominent European exhibitors include HEI Technology from Austria, LED Italy, Spain’s Faro Barcelona and Secom Iluminacion, Intra Lighting from Slovenia, and Ragni from France. 

Light Middle East returns in 2018 with all its popular highlights including THINKLIGHT – a three day conference focusing on the key areas of lighting, namely architecture, interior, and landscape design.

For more information about BJB:

Thomas Frerich

Manager Marketing Communication

BJB GmbH & Co. KG
Werler Str. 1 59755 Arnsberg
Tel.: +49 2932 982-489
Fax: +49 2932 982-8489
E-mail: thomas.frerich@bjb.com

DOMESTIC USA: sales@bjb.com


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BJB Showcases Advances in the Manufacturing Process of LED Luminaires at the 2018 Light & Building Trade Fair
March 24, 2018 at 2:00 am 0

With over 200,000 visitors at the 2018 Light & Building Trade Fair in Frankfurt Germany, BJB showcased an impressive demonstration of our robotic manufacturing solutions for advanced luminaire production. Our unmatched lighting technology enables the integration of innovative components and optics with smart automation technology, thus enabling LED luminaires to be manufactured fast and efficiently.

As originally posted at BJB.com - Press Release

BJB's automated machines, which feature a modular design, are offered not only for linear and area lighting needs, but also for spot and downlight applications. Everything from assembly of complex components, to wiring and testing are possible with BJB’s trademark ADS machines.

It Takes 9 Seconds!

So how long do the automation machines from BJB take to assemble a luminaire with the most advanced lighting technologies? Nine seconds! That’s all it takes for BJB’s automated assembly and wiring machine to manufacture spot and downlight fixtures. In this short amount of time, heat sinks, TIM foil, COBs, connectors for COBs and reflectors are fitted “spot on”.

LED Lighting Components

BJB offers a variety of innovative LED lighting components, such as COB connectors, which are vital, enabling-technology for COB light sources, designed for optimal heat sink attachment, power supply and secondary optic integration. BJB’s product range includes connectors for more than 130 different types of COBs from world leading LED partner manufacturers. BJB’s offers the most advanced and comprehensive range of LED connection technology which are compatible with over 80 percent of all COBs offered on the world market.

BJB says it sees the reflectors and optical devices designed for targeted light direction as an ideal complement to their range of COB connectors. BJB has also advanced the way in which their COB connectors are fixated to heat sinks, by developing an innovative push-to-fix fixing element specifically for blind hole heat sink applications. Thanks to this smart solution, COB modules can be easily fastened to the heat sinks reliably, fast and without threading, helping to improve the thermal management of the entire lighting system.

BJB Automation for Linear Luminaire

And yet another BJB device attracted particular attention at the Light & Building fair, namely an automated machine for linear luminaire assembly: In the first step, a circuit board is installed in the luminaire housing. The distinguishing feature of this BJB product is that the required SMD-P2F fixing elements are already integrated to the LED board via the standard SMT process. This means the LED boards are ready for snap-in attachment without any additional components, which saves time and reduces production complexity for the OEM lighting manufacturer.

Automation of linear luminaires

In the next step, the optics are fitted. BJB’s optical devices also come with added value because of their remarkable ease of installation: The single-row optics feature an integrated fastening system allowing them to be fitted seamlessly to the luminaire housing. With an installation height of about 11 mm, the high-precision optics are very flat and compact in design. They are available in five varieties for different light distribution patterns.

Once the circuit boards and optics have been mounted and the luminaire has been rotated for the next step in the assembly process, the robot proceeds to wire the LED circuit boards for power connection via BJB’s rear-mounted SMD push-through terminal block together with the driver (electronic control gear). This process, too, is accomplished “in no time” with unparalleled accuracy: the cycle period is only 68 seconds.

Leaders in Horticultural LED Lighting

And when the lighting experts from Arnsberg, Germany introduced their newest horticulture lighting product for vertical farming at the trade fair, people across the industry took notice and were very impressed! BJB now offers lighting solutions for urban farming - Wow! This is a future-oriented technology that aims to bring sustainable agriculture to the world’s metropolitan areas.

Horticulture shelf with urban farming modules from BJB

Urban farming is all about the cultivation of vegetables and herbs in greenhouses integrated into high-rise buildings – regardless of weather conditions, without the use of insecticides or pesticides and, above all, close to consumers and thus environmentally friendly: Since there is no need for transport, there are no polluting CO2 emissions, either. Yet light is neededfor plants in urban greenhouses to grow for the common good – and this is where BJB comes into play: BJB lighting experts led by their in-house biologist have been hard at work conducting in-depth research to identify the optimum light spectrum for plant photosynthesis and the optimal modular product.BJB’s urban farming range includes red-blue and red-white LED lighting solutions, integrated in a compact, easy-to-use modular system that’s IP66 rated.


Thomas Frerich

Manager Marketing Communication

BJB GmbH & Co. KG

Werler Str. 1
 59755 Arnsberg

Tel.: +49 2932 982-489

Fax: +49 2932 982-8489

E-mail: thomas.frerich@bjb.com