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The P2F SMD: The Alternative to Screw Fixation of LED Boards

July 29, 2020 0

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, you probably won’t understand the efficiency of BJB’s revolutionary P2F SMD, which has exponentially reduced the time to assemble LED Boards.

VIDEO: See Exactly What We Mean

Key Features:

  • Comes in tape & reel packaging
  • Pre-attachment of the P2F SMD to the LED PCB during the pick & place reflow process
  • LED PCB is ready for snap in attachment into the fixutre either manually or automatically with BJB automation systems
  • Save more than 50% of assembly time

Your Advantages:

  • Permanent contact pressure
  • Quick installation
  • Silicone cushions compensate for thermally induced tolerances (28.901)
  • Installation of connectors and COBs on heat sinks (28.902)
  • Can be used in the SMD process (28.904)
  • Installation of PCBs on extruded profiles

Technical Features:

  • Just one step for assembly of optics and LED module
  • Quick, easy and secure assembly by pushing down P2F fixing element
  • Costly screwing process is not required
  • The contact pressure of 10 N / P2F creates the basis for an optimal thermal management
  • Simple, round cut-out with ø 4.2 mm in the luminary sheet
  • Package thickness: 3.7 – 5.4 mm
  • Releasable connection

About BJB:

BJB has been associated with lighting technology for more than 150 years, initially by manufacturing components for oil lamps and then, since the beginning of the 20th century, by providing the electrical connection between the power source and the lamp. Equipped with this knowledge, we have continuously developed new, user-friendly lampholder systems, terminal blocks and switches up to the present day for markets throughout the world. In other words: We provide a “Connection to light”. The way in which these “connections” are installed and the progress which can be achieved in light fitting assembly is the objective of a further area of operation: ADS automation. Here we develop, build and supply customer-specific systems for the automation of light fitting production. A third important element is our lighting solutions for domestic appliances. Visit us at BjB.com!

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