Welcome to BJBToday…Your Resource for the Future of Light Technology!
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Welcome to BJBToday…Your Resource for the Future of Light Technology!

March 27, 2019 0

Hello there, and welcome to the inaugural post of BJB Today, your resource highlighting innovative technical solutions from BJB. Our job is to help our clients implement individual luminaire custom designs with pin point efficiency. As a family owned business that’s been around since 1867, we know what it takes to evolve as technology continues to manifest itself at lightening speed. From components, to optics, to automation, the our past has well prepared us for the future, and BJB is here to light the way.

Our culture begins with open thinking and a structured approach, which are essential elements on which our innovation processes for lighting and illumination technology are based.

We realize tradition is good, but looking ahead to the future is better. And we’ve been influencing lighting development for over 150 years…and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.

Technology for light is our motto, and as LED takes the lead during our latest technological industry-wide revolution, BJB is on the the razors edge in delivering new concepts and designs using LED sources. That’s why our LED modules and modular accessory system from BJB enable OEMs to produce individual solutions from electrical, mechanical and optical components.

Join us as we continue our 150 year journey….BJB is ‘Technology for Light”.



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